1. Happy Independence Day from Walter the Cat: this ridiculous image is brought to you by Instagram Stories and all of the silly/fun stickers you can slap on your photos and videos. My favorite thing about this pic is Walter’s incredibly unimpressed expression.

2. MGM National Harbor: last Saturday evening my husband and I did a date night at this new-ish casino in Maryland, about a 20 minute drive from our apartment. The giant terrace is an excellent spot to watch the sun set, which we did after eating dinner at Tap Sports Bar inside the complex. The casino itself is nothing too exciting if you’re not into gambling (which I’m not), but we had a good time exploring the place and people watching.

3. Flower Crown Cat Pouch: I received this nice little surprise in the mail from a friend recently. She spotted it in a store in LA and thought of me, haha! It’s so weird and cute, and it’s actually exactly what I needed to store my SmarTrip card. I love the cat’s facial expression; he or she is like…”is this my life? Yep, this is my life.”

4. Nocking Point June Wine Club: I FINALLY received my June shipment this week from Stephen Amell’s wine club. They somehow forgot to process my order, but to their credit they processed it very quickly once I emailed them to ask about the status. Of course I was never home when Fed Ex tried to deliver it and then it took a few days for them to transfer the package to a pickup location near my place. I was excited to get a Zac Levi Nerd HQ bottle of rosé in my box! (They had two label versions—one with Zac and one just branded Nerd HQ.) I hope the wine didn’t go bad while sitting in hot trucks for so long, but I’m looking forward to trying them and the coffee, too!

5. The Capital Candy Jar: I picked up this peach lollipop on a whim from Union Kitchen Grocery because I was in the mood for a little sweet treat and this candy is locally made. These lollis come in a variety of flavors, including champagne—which I am very curious about! The peach flavor of this lollipop was reminiscent of those gummy peaches, only fresher, and it took a loooooong time to finish the whole thing. I just wish it was a different shape because the disc is a bit large to fit in your mouth (that’s what she said….duh).