FabFitFun Spring 2020 Products
My Spring FabFitFun Box is Here!

Sooooo things are a little nuts right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I started writing this post before the situation took a turn last week, and I feel slightly odd posting this now. Ironically, I got a virus on my laptop last week and have been spending most of my screen time changing my passwords because I’m afraid everything got compromised (I did have Geek Squad help back up and wipe my laptop). Anyway, because I had this post almost fully written before shit got real, I’m going ahead and sharing it. Please wash your hands well (frequently!), don’t touch your face, and practice social distancing. It will help keep us more vulnerable folks (I’m on an immunosuppressant) safe.

I was so excited for my latest FabFitFun [referral link] box to arrive! I kept checking the front stoop the day it was scheduled to arrive, because I wanted to catch it before porch pirates got to it (that’s a problem in our area, though—fingers crossed—we haven’t had anything stolen yet). The package hadn’t come by the time I went to bed but the next morning there it was on our stoop! It survived the night without being taken! Look at this adorable butterfly box design:

FabFitFun Spring 2020 box

Before I get into the products, I want to be clear that this is not a sponsored post. However, this post does contain referral links. If you use the links to sign up for your own FabFitFun subscription, you’ll get $10 off your first box and I’ll receive a $15 credit to spend with FabFitFun. Read more about how the subscription works at the bottom of this post. I get that buying subscription boxes is likely very low on most peoples’ priority list right now, but I always include these links in my posts just in case.

So! My spring box contains eight full sized products with a total value of $373. The box price is $49.99 and I did get an add-on this time around, which cost $44. So all in all I received nine full sized products for a total of $99.63…that’s an average of just over $11 per item.

I customized two (or maybe three?) items in my box this quarter. Have a look at my spring items below!

FabFitFun Spring 2020 Products

The Skin Care Device

First up is my first skin care device! (Unless you count the Foreo from my first box, which is a cleansing tool that doesn’t actually treat your skin.) During customization I selected the Revive Light Therapy Glo Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Light Device ($68 value). This is an FDA cleared battery-operated LED light device that claims to stimulate collagen and elastin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. It’s also supposed to help with skin tone and dark spots. SIGN ME UP!

Revive Light Therapy Glo Wrinkle Light Device

Here’s what the device head looks like when it’s powered off:

Revive Light Therapy detail

And here’s what it looks like when it’s on…sort of. I couldn’t get an accurate photo; the squares that appear white below are actually the LEDs that glow red:

LED lights on

Per the instructions, I first tested the device on my forearm to see if my skin is photosensitive. I didn’t have any reaction so I felt comfortable trying it on my face. It’s easy to use; you simply turn the device on and hold it on an area of your face for three minutes. The LED lights shut off after three minutes, and then you can turn it back on and move to another area if you want. I do wish there was a sound notification to go along with the device turning off; I tend not to watch the lights the entire time and sometimes it turns off without me noticing. Not a big deal, but maybe that could be an improvement for future models?

The device head is fairly small, maybe an inch and a half in diameter, so you can only treat a small area at a time. If you want to treat multiple areas, it does get a little tedious. Though in this time of social distancing, why not LED your face all day long?! 😛

The lit surface gets warm, but not uncomfortably so for me. The directions say you can use the device daily; consistency is key with skin care so I’m going to try my best to use it daily for at least a few weeks and see if I notice any difference!

The Skin Care

Next is another product I selected during customization: WEI Two-in-One Purify and Glow Mask Collection ($45 value). What gorgeous packaging!!

Wei Purify and Glow Mask Collection

I’ve actually tried these WEI masks before—I received a set of three in a limited edition Birchbox a few years back, and I remember liking them. This set comes with eight single-use mask pods (four Golden Root Purifying Mud Masks, four Brown Sugar Ready Glow Exfoliating Masks) and a brush. I still have my brush from the last set, but an extra certainly can’t hurt. These little pods would be perfect for travel.

Wei Mask Collection pods

Another mask-ish product in my box is the Purlisse Watermelon Energizing 2 Minute Polishing Peel ($35 value). I’ve never tried this brand before, so I’m excited to give it a shot. This product contains watermelon, lychee, and glycolic acid to brighten skin. I haven’t tried much skin care with watermelon yet so I’m looking forward to using this peel.

Purlisse Watermelon Energizing 2 Minute Polishing Peel

It’s funny that I got two wrinkle reducing products in one box! Now that I think about it, I may have also selected this one during customization, haha. This product the Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion ($78 value). This product claims to reduce the look of wrinkles within two hours. Interesting that it’s not an immediate thing…but I appreciate that they’re not claiming instant improvement. The brand says this product has a topical filler-like effect after just one use. So we’ll put this to the test!  I’m already working my way through a different wrinkle serum and it’s going to be awhile until I get around to opening this one. Stay tuned…

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion

The Hair Care

Hair care doesn’t excite me. But as far as this category goes, the AG Fast Food Leave On Conditioner ($24 value) is at least something I’ll use. I find it interesting that they chose to call it “leave on” instead of “leave-in” like most other hair care brands. This product’s scent is fine; I don’t love it but I don’t hate it, and it’s pretty mild. I’ve used it a few times so far and it does leave my hair feeling quite soft, so I’m definitely not mad at it.

AG Hair Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner

The Body Care

Body care is another tricky category for me due to my sensitive skin. So I wasn’t too excited when I first saw This Works Deep Sleep Body Cocoon ($40 value) in my box. But I decided to apply the lotion solely on my arms before bed, because they tend to be less sensitive than my legs. The lotion contains lavender, chamomile, and vetivert, which are very calming scents. The scent combo is pretty strong, but at least I like it. I did actually get to sleep pretty quickly the night I used the lotion, so I’ll keep trying it and see if it helps. Who doesn’t need a relaxation boost these days?!

This Works Deep Sleep Body Cocoon

Right up front I’ll say that I’m not going to use the Jaboneria Marianella Rosewood and Litsea Cubeba Imperial Jade Body Oil ($68 value). I’m sure it’s lovely, but with my sensitive skin I don’t even want to try it. The oil might be light, but I don’t love the idea of oiling up my body. I’m not even going to open it to give it a sniff; I’ll give this product to a friend who will actually use it.

Jaboneria Marianella Imperial Jade Body Oil

The Lifestyle

I was excited to receive the Chic & Tonic Silicone Straws ($15 value)! I bought a set of metal straws from Amazon but never use them because I don’t have a sanitary case to carry one or two around in my purse. These straws came with a little carrying pod. You can bend the straws up and squish them into the pod for clean safekeeping. The pod doesn’t seem super secure, unfortunately, so I can see it opening up inside my bag. I wish it screwed together rather than just popping apart. But I like that the straws are dishwasher safe, and the set comes with a cleaning brush in case of chunks stuck in your straw (boba, I guess?).

Chic & Tonic Silicone Straws

The Add-On

I’m very excited about the add-on that I got my hot little hands on: Shani Darden Texture Reform ($88 value; I paid $44). This is a mild retinoid with lactic acid that is supposed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven texture, and acne scars.

Shani Darden Texture Reform

Honestly, I could have SWORN I ordered the Retinol Reform, but I guess not. I’ve heard a couple Natch Beaut guests absolutely rave about the Retinol Reform so I really wanted to try it. However! Caroline Hirons (I’m new to the CH train but I’m happy to be on board) says that the Texture Reform is milder than Retinol Reform and has a lower potential for irritation. I’ve been using the Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol on occasion but haven’t been able to use it more than once a week without my face getting really dry and angry. So I’m fine with receiving a milder retinol than expected, and I’m looking forward to seeing if it does anything for my skin!

Fab Final Thoughts

I’m pretty happy with my spring FabFitFun box. My excitement about all things beauty has dampened some since I first started writing this post, but I’ll get plenty of use out of most of the products I received. The Revive LED device is the most exciting to me because it’s something different. But I’m pumped about the other skin care products as well!

Did you receive anything you’re super psyched about in your spring box?

More About FabFitFun

FabFitFun [referral link] is a seasonal lifestyle subscription box. Each quarterly shipment contains a mix of beauty, fitness, fashion, home, and wellness products. The boxes contain approximately eight FULL SIZED products valued at $200+, with the option to add discounted items to your shipment. Members have the option of customizing at least two or three of the items in each box.

Each seasonal box costs $49.99 including shipping in the continental US. Shipping costs $8 for subscribers in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. If you use my referral link, you’ll get $10 off your first box (**Disclosure alert! I’ll get a $15 credit to FabFitFun if you sign up using my link**). If you’re ready to go all in, you can shave $5 off the price of each box by pre-paying a full year’s subscription for $179.99. Annual members receive Select status, which offers early shipping and extra box customization, among other perks. If you stick with the regular seasonal membership, FFF will bill you $49.99 quarterly when your box is about to ship.

NOTEFabFitFun [referral link] seasonal subscriptions auto-renew, so if you decide you’re done, you must cancel before your next billing date or you’ll get charged for the upcoming box.

There’s a lot of information about how FabFitFun works on their Membership FAQ page. In between seasonal boxes, they offer Editor’s Boxes and special one-off boxes. The website also has a ton of giveaways and exclusive offers for members, plus FabFitFun TV with videos on fitness, cooking, and more. If you’re ready to sign up, click here [referral link].