I thought it would be interesting (probably only to me) to see what my top three most viewed posts were this year. Right now you’re probably like…


It’s fine, I’m totally cool with being Sam in that gif.

What I found in my site stats was surprising in terms of numbers. To be fair, I was probably only surprised because I’ve hardly been paying any attention to my blog’s traffic at all. So! My top three most viewed posts of 2015 were…

Stitch Fix: December 2015 Review – 3,016 views (!!!)

Stitch Fix: May 2015 Review – 2,178 views

Stitch Fix: August 2015 Review – 1,753 views

These view counts are as of the time I published this post. I’m blown away by how many people have viewed my most recent Stitch Fix review, which I posted on December 3rd; it didn’t get much traction until a couple weeks later. Regardless, this was how I felt on the inside when I saw these numbers.


(For the record, my real victory dance would probably look more like the muumuu lady’s on the right than Ace Ventura’s.)

Out of curiosity I decided to look at some other site stats and found a few things of note:

  • My most viewed non-Stitch Fix standalone blog post (i.e., not my home page or other static page on my site) in 2015 was More Lipstick Fun: Bite Beauty Discovery Set, with 316 views as of this writing.
  • My least viewed post this year—with just one view—was Quick + Easy Breakfast from March 21. Now that you know no one has been reading that post, aren’t you curious to see it for yourself?  😛
  • My best single day for views this year was Friday, December 18. My blog garnered 828 views that day (mostly the aforementioned December Stitch Fix review, with 580 views)! Interestingly, that date fell almost two weeks after I published the review, and it looks like a lot of that traffic came from Pinterest. Good to know.
  • All in all my blog has gotten 15,000+ views this year.

I’m a little shocked (like, in a really good way) that people are actually finding my blog, to be honest. But I’m very flattered, too! One lesson I’ve learned from this mini analytics exercise is that it makes a real difference when I put together cute outfits in my Stitch Fix reviews…and that includes putting on a pair of shoes that aren’t my dirty old New Balances.  😛

I really appreciate the fact that people are coming here and pinning my images and clicking around. So thank you so much for all of your support, and cheers to 2016! (Yeah, I’m using a second Supernatural gif to close out this post. Deal with it.  😛  )