1. The first snow of 2016: I know, the weather is one of those small talk topics that people make fun of, but I actually like talking about it. So there! We received a light dusting of snow last Sunday—just enough to stick and coat the sidewalks and cars and then melt the next day. It was that kind of minor magical snow that doesn’t create a nuisance…not at all like the snowmageddon snowpocalypse snOLYSHIT blizzard that weather services are predicting for the northeast this weekend (yikes! send good vibes our way, please).


2. Kitty socks! I received a surprise pair of K. Bell cat socks in the mail from my mom last week, and they could not have been more timely; I recently threw out a couple of old holey pairs of socks and definitely needed some replacements. I absolutely love silly socks and wear them all the time, and these fit the bill. Here they are as seen from my perspective:


3. Turtle socks! In my Friday Five last week I talked about our Turtle Hospital adoption renewal for Rebel. While we were in the gift shop at the turtle hospital I found some adorable socks that I wanted to get, but they only had them in children’s sizes. When I went to renew Rebel’s adoption online I checked their web store for adult sized socks and they had them…so they’re mine now. Yay for new, non-holey socks! These are so cute:


4. SooAE Sheet Masks: after enjoying my k-beauty Birchbox Manefit cucumber sheet mask (which you can see me using and horrifying people with on Instagram) I decided I wanted to try out some more Korean sheet masks. I stopped by k-beauty emporium Club Clio on 14th Street in Manhattan yesterday because I was in the area and I picked up two SooAE masks: Smooth Radiance and Pure Brightening (I only see the brightening one on their website). They were only $2 apiece and I can’t wait to spend more time freaking people out treating my skin to something nice!


5. New Chobani flavors: you know I’m a fan of trying out new flavors, so of course I had to grab these Chobanis when they popped up in my local grocery store. I’ve tried a couple of their yogurts with grains mixed in in the past and I liked them, so I can’t imagine I won’t like these too. I almost always mix granola, muesli, or cereal into yogurt because the texture of it on its own still kinda grosses me out, so buying yogurt with “mighty oats” or “ancient grains” already mixed in is a bonus!