I just posted this over on my orchid blog, and I’m sharing it here as well. It’s hard to process yesterday’s sickening insurrection on the U.S. Capitol Building by domestic terrorists. I’m here to state some of my own thoughts about yesterday’s disgusting events.

Image credit: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

As a DC resident living not all that far from the Capitol Building, yesterday was extremely alarming. We are, however, far enough away from it that we felt okay staying put at home. There was no activity in our immediate area, fortunately. We stayed in and packed a go bag just in case we needed to leave quickly. There were constant sirens all afternoon, but things quieted down after the curfew went into effect at 6pm.

At the moment, I’m only capable of putting my thoughts together in a stream of consciousness sort of way. Here goes…

Biden and Harris legitimately won the election and will become president and vice president on January 20th. Almost 60 courts agreed that there was no evidence of election fraud. “Illegal votes” are not a thing. Though Trump has now said there will be a peaceful transition, he will never concede because he is a raging malignant narcissist. I don’t think we’re out of the woods with violence from Trump’s followers, and our local law enforcement needs to be on guard for more of the same around Inauguration Day.

Trump is a dangerous cult leader who incited the attack. WORDS MATTER. For some inexplicable reason, when he talks or tweets, people listen. He’s in charge of a domestic terrorist group. He doesn’t deserve to hold the office of President even for the short remainder of his term, and needs to be removed immediately.

The most shocking thing about yesterday is how woefully unprepared law enforcement was for something that had been openly planned online for some time. That said, it seems some of the law enforcement officers were on board with the insurgents. There is video on Twitter of police opening barricades for rioters to walk onto Capitol grounds. Those officers need to be identified and fired.

Every single rioter who set foot inside the Capitol yesterday *should have* been arrested. Apparently TWO THOUSAND people were let inside without the usual screening process. They took over the complex, vandalized what is arguably the most important historic federal building, sat in Congressional offices, and stole items from them. Instead of being arrested, most of them were fairly peacefully allowed to leave. White privilege was on full display here. Had this been related to Black Lives Matter, we know it wouldn’t have ended well for those involved.

How many Congresspeople and staffers will end up getting COVID-19 after these unmasked terrorists literally broke into their house and breathed all over the place? Also, huge props to the janitorial staff who has to clean up after those assholes.

Twitter and Facebook locking Trump’s accounts last night was a good move, but way too little way too late. Same goes for the White House officials who began resigning last night and are continuing to resign this morning.

Washington DC is a very liberal city, and our town was invaded by people who are very much not welcome here. We have a bunch of MAGAs staying in an Airbnb across the street and I will breathe a sigh of relief when I see them leave. The nicest thing I can say about them is that I saw them return yesterday afternoon, so they didn’t participate in the Capitol attack.

Okay. I could say a ton more, but I’ll leave it there. I’m off to go visit my orchids in the greenhouse and breathe in some of their lovely energy.  🙂   I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy wherever you are!