I can’t believe Comic-Con 2017 is already upon us—it begins this Thursday! As I mentioned, this will be my ninth consecutive year (check out my updated SDCC tips for newbies if you haven’t already seen them). As with the last couple of years, I put together a bingo game for my group of friends to play as we experience the sights, sounds, butt cracks, and—yes—smells of the con.

There’s no *actual* prize for getting bingo, but it certainly bestows bragging rights upon you. If you’re going with a group, feel free to offer a prize for the winner within your own group of Comic-Con buddies!

Mark the squares off as you spot them, and when you get bingo feel free to take a pic and post to Instagram and/or Twitter and tag it: #SDCCBingo

Download Comic-Con 2017 Bingo

Have a great time at #SDCC2017, nerds!  🙂

This bingo game is in no way affiliated with San Diego Comic-Con or the San Diego Convention Center. I’m just a nerd looking to have a little fun with other nerds.