Next week marks my seventh consecutive year of attending San Diego Comic-Con, and I’m super excited to go. My friends and I have talked about doing a Comic-Con bingo type game in the past, because after you’ve been a few years you start seeing and experiencing certain people and things over and over. So this year I decided to make a free Comic-Con Bingo game* and put the bingo cards up here on my blog for anyone to download. Just download the PDF using the link below and print the bingo cards out at home to take with you to the con! There are five bingo cards in the file, each with items in different boxes.


My friends and I will be playing for a small prize within our little group, so feel free to get your geeky buddies together and go in on a prize on your own—or just enjoy checking things off as you spot them. You could also play this as a drinking game, but I would NOT recommend it…things would probably get really ugly really quickly.   😛

When you get bingo, take a pic and post it to Twitter or Instagram with the tag #SDCCBingo. And have fun!

See you nerds at #SDCC2015!

Download Comic-Con Bingo

*I have no graphic design skills, so I created the game in Word. I’m SUPER FANCY, guys!

This bingo game is in no way affiliated with San Diego Comic-Con or the San Diego Convention Center. I’m just a nerd looking to have a little fun with other nerds.