I’m still in Comic-Con recovery mode, but I managed to pull together a Friday Five for this week anyway. I’m going to write a recap post about my experience, but it might take me awhile because there’s just SO MUCH to share. In the meantime, here’s my Comic-Con themed Friday Five!

1. Probably my favorite con moment this year: a unicorn trying to ask a question at Nerd HQ‘s Supernatural Conversation for a Cause, featuring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Mark Sheppard, with Aisha Tyler moderating. Nerd HQ is Zac Levi‘s Comic-Con offsite extravaganza that features a variety of nerdy stuff, the best of which are intimate panels that are nearly impossible to get tickets to because they only hold 200 people. These panels are notorious for hilarious off-the-cuff moments like this one because they’re unstructured and consist entirely of audience members asking questions, unlike the official panels at Comic-Con, which tend to offer a solid percentage of PR-approved banter. My friend managed to snag us tickets to this highly in-demand panel that sold out almost immediately, and as you will see, it did not disappoint.

2. That time I grabbed Misha Collins’ junk at the Supernatural Wiki #WaywardCocktails party. Just kidding! Misha was not in attendance, but a life-sized cardboard cutout of him was, so I did what I always do in this type of scenario. He does not look thrilled (Sorry, Misha. Extra sorry, Misha’s wife.).


3. Funko Game of Thrones Mystery Mini, Series 2: Daenerys Targaryen! I’ve talked about these little guys many times before, and I knew I’d buy at least one at Comic-Con. I bought one on Preview Night (we had passes to walk the exhibit hall floor the evening before the con officially opens), and I got Khaleesi! She looks very suspicious but she’s also very cute. My friend bought two and ended up with Brienne and Sansa, so we had a Strong Women of Game of Thrones trifecta!


4. More Funko! Awhile back, I learned that Funko makes a winged Pop! version of Castiel (see Misha above) from Supernatural! However, that Cas was a Hot Topic exclusive and was no longer available by the time I found out about it. Well, on Thursday I was walking the show floor by myself and happened upon a booth that actually had a few Cas with wings!! They were $25 apiece, which is sort of a lot—standard Pops! are usually about $10—but I went for it and bought one for me and one for my friend…and HE IS AWESOME. Worth it! (P.S. Certain Pops! were going for $100+ at some booths…nerd collectors get SERIOUS.)


5. I’m going to close out this Funko-heavy Friday Five with a final Pop! It’s Arrow himself: hood, mask, brooding frowny face, bow/arrow and all. So adorably awesome and only $10!