2015 has turned out to be much better for me than 2014 was, and for that I’m grateful. Because I love making lists, I’ll share with you some of my highlights from this past year. In no particular order, these are some of my personal highlights of 2015:

Seeing my first wild orchid in the Oregon forest this past June (orchids attached to trees as decoration on hotel properties in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Florida don’t count).

Fairy Slipper Orchid

Spotting the infamous painted bunting of Brooklyn.

Painted Bunting in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Painted Bunting in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Moving to a new apartment in a new neighborhood: I resisted the move SO HARD, but change turned out to be a wonderful thing. (Something to remember the next time I resist making a major change in my life).

Traveling to the Florida Keys in February. Islamorada, in particular, was incredible. (Our vacation pre-dated this blog, but I did write a couple posts about orchids we saw while in Florida. Note to self: figure out how to fix the photos on my orchid blog!)

Florida Keys
Florida Keys

Taking a kombucha-making class and brewing my own (we’re currently drinking our eleventh homemade batch!). Update: I began brewing batch number 12 this afternoon!

Basket Scoby (photoshopped…duh. This guy doesn’t actually live in a jar in our fridge, thankfully.)

Taking a soy candle-making workshop and making my own candles.

My own homemade candles!

Attending San Diego Comic-Con for the seventh year running (but let’s be honest, SDCC is a highlight every year.)

Comic-Con 2015
Comic-Con 2015

Attending my first Renaissance Faire!

New York Renaissance Faire
New York Renaissance Faire

Taylor Mac’s audience participation and profanity-filled show at Celebrate Brooklyn.

Danny Elfman’s The Nightmare Before Christmas at the Hollywood Bowl.

Scream-singing “Carry On My Wayward Son” at #NJCon’s Friday Night Karaoke with a few hundred Supernatural fans and some of the cast.

Supernatural Friday Night Karoke

Walking the full Prospect Park loop for the first time—which I didn’t write about here, but I consider this to be a personal milestone.

Succeeding at my self-imposed 31 days of horror challenge in October (which I would like to repeat next year).

And, of course, starting this blog! I published my first post on February 17, and have already crossed the 100-post mark. Here’s to much more blogging fun in 2016. Thank you so much for reading!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday and New Year, everyone!