No, not that Herman.
No, not that Herman.

You may or may not have noticed my new tagline here: Adventures of Herman. Who the hell is Herman?

I am Herman. Herman is me.

Where did this nickname come from? Back in high school when I first started driving, my parents signed me up for an AAA account. AAA sent me a membership card in the mail, and it said “Sarah Herman” on it; someone had mistaken the “i” in my last name for an “r.” My friends and I giggled over the error and they started calling me Herman…and the name stuck. Hard. So much so that a friend’s dad has forgotten that my name is actually Sarah, not Herman. Every time I would call her her house, even throughout college and beyond, her dad would put the phone down and yell “Herman’s on the phone for you!” Twenty years later, I still sign off my emails to my high school friends with “Herman.”

When I sent a high school friend a link to my blog this morning, she said that it was Adventures of Herman—which I loved, so I decided to make it my tagline. So thanks, Megan, for that idea! XOXO

I am Herman, and these are my adventures.  🙂