1. Makeup Brush Washing—A Spring Cleaning Must: I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning here and there, so I also made it a point to wash my makeup brushes. I confess that I don’t wash them as often as I really should (though I definitely do it more often than spring cleaning time), but it doesn’t take long and is a must for preventing the growth of bacteria!


2. Sheet Masking: I did this SOO AE Brightening Collagen Essence Mask on Monday, which is rapidly becoming #MaskMonday for me. Still creepy, still so much fun. I feel like this mask didn’t leave my skin looking quite as glowy as the SOO AE Vitamin Collagen Essence Mask, so I’m not sure if I’d buy this particular version again. But I enjoyed using it all the same.


3. The Bitmoji app has added Emoji t-shirts (“Bitmo-tees”) to their outfit options* for your avatar. Mine is currently rocking an orange poop Emoji t-shirt, and my life is now complete.


4. Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply 6-Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot: I’ve been wanting to get a new pot for quite awhile because the pot I use to cook pasta in is not quite big enough—uncooked spaghetti doesn’t fully fit in the pot when you first drop it in so you have to wait for it to soften enough to bend and stuff it all in there (that’s what she said). I finally settled on this 6-quart stockpot by Cuisinart, which I managed to get for 20% off with a rare online Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. Look how shiny and new it is! I’m almost afraid to start cooking with it and dirtying it up!


5. Repotted succulent cuttings: I took these cuttings from my in-laws’ backyard sometime last year, and they haven’t been doing well. So this week I repotted them individually (I had initially potted all of them together) in the hopes that they will thrive like this. The one in the middle has a new little growth near the base, so that’s promising.


*Sorry, Bitmoji, but “awesrageous” is just not going to happen.