A Few January Empties + Lots of Sheet Masks

Happy February! We’re currently having a bit of a surprise snow storm here in DC after a couple days of super cold weather. Thanks, Polar Vortex!

I’m skipping my Friday Five this week because we moved into our new home on Tuesday and I’m already behind on a bunch of blog posts. I want to get to writing them ASAP! So in lieu of Friday Five, here are the products I emptied in January.

I really went to town with masking in January! It’s dry as fuck and so is my skin, so I’ve been trying to give it lots of extra hydration.

I need to figure out how to take product photos in our new home, so bear with me for a bit as I work it out. Our bathroom floor is beautiful but the lights are so bright that there’s a glare!

Would I Repurchase?
  • Trilogy Rosehip Oil Light Blend: ok, technically this mini isn’t an empty. I’m tossing it because it started smelling rancid. I hadn’t used in awhile but took it with me on a two-night trip to Brooklyn…and it smelled a little like fish. NO THANKS. Otherwise, I really liked this oil and would totally buy it in the future.
  • Tarte Maracuja Oil: another technical non-empty that’s started to smell off, so I’m tossing it. I do like this oil as well and would repurchase.
  • Elta MD UV Daily Facial Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 40: LOVE THIS STUFF. This is my first bottle and I repurchased two more not long after I first tried it.
  • Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel: I’m pretty sure this bottle was a repurchase. Though I’m currently using a couple different cleansers because I like trying new products, I’d buy it again.
  • Everyone 3-in-1 Lotion, Unscented: this is my holy grail body moisturizer because it doesn’t upset my extremely sensitive body skin. I’ve already opened my next tube. I should just buy the larger pump bottle next time.
The Sheet Masks
  • Aveeno Repairing Cica Hand Mask: I reviewed this on Instagram for #MaskMonday and I thought it was pretty good. It wasn’t life-changing, but I’d try it again.
  • Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Rose Gold Eye Masks: still loving these, would definitely repurchase.
  • Pacifica Beauty Disobey Time Rose & Peptide Facial Mask: this mask is cute with heart-shaped eye cutouts, but I didn’t love it and wouldn’t repurchase.
  • Botanic Farm Green Tea Mask: I don’t think I posted about this September FaceTory mask on Instagram and I don’t really recall what I thought of it. Since it clearly wasn’t memorable, I probably wouldn’t repurchase.
  • Whole Foods Bio Cellulose Mask Hydrating Coconut: I bought this because it was on sale and I was curious. Again, I don’t remember much about it but I’d try another mask from the Whole Foods house brand.
  • Neogen Dermalogy Pink Cactus Liftmax Knit Mask: this mask was really unique because it had a neck piece. I actually rather liked it and will probably order a few more very soon. Like after I finish this post.
  • Hey, lo Calming White Mask: I used this November FaceTory sheet mask just yesterday because my cheeks were red and splotchy from spending a few minutes outside in very cold weather. It definitely helped knock down some of the redness and soothed my skin. I would repurchase.
  • FaceTory Glow Baby Glow Brightening & Soothing Mask: FaceTory brand masks are always fun to try. This one came in my October shipment and was a two-step process, with a serum and a sheet mask. I think I used it on New Year’s Day to kick off the year and don’t remember a whole lot about it, but I think I liked it enough that I’d consider buying.

That’s it for my first 2019 empties!

Did you do a lot of sheet masking last month too?