We finally decided to get another box from HelloFresh this week—we’ve had to take a little time off because of our schedules. The box arrived bright and early on Tuesday morning and included ingredients and recipes for three vegetarian dishes.

(PLT) Portobello, Lettuce, and Tomato with Sweet Potato Fries, Tomato-Onion Jam, and Basil Aioliphoto 2-21

Charred Scallion and Corn Flatbread with Summer Squash and Salsa Frescaphoto 1-21

Early Summer Potato Salad with Crispy Tofu, Dill, and Tangy Dijon Dressing

photo 3-9My husband is staunchly anti-tofu, but he went out of town for a night this week so I figured I’d just make the tofu dish for myself when he was away. More for me!

The first dish I made was the PLT. While I do have a few quibbles, the burger was quite tasty and I feel a little bad complaining…but I’m going to do it anyway  🙂  They sent a tiny jar of Sir Kensington’s mayo to make the aioli, and while the jar is adorable it’s not exactly functional. The opening is too small for a spoon, which made me feel like Erlich Bachmann and his Fage yogurt container beef on Silicon Valley. I also tried scraping the mayo out with a butter knife but it just couldn’t hit all the right angles (that’s what she said). Some of the mayo went to waste because I couldn’t get it out of the jar, but fortunately I had mayo in the fridge so I used a bit of that. The chiffonaded basil-mayo mixture looked more like a slaw than an aioli, but I guess aioli sounds fancier.  🙂

BasilAioliSo the mayo thing was one quibble. The tomatoes they sent for the tomato-onion jam were not super ripe (they’re not in season yet), but the jam ended up tasting good so I probably shouldn’t complain. (But I’m doing it anyway.) Jam!

TomatoOnionJamFor this recipe they sent an entire head of Bibb lettuce and we only used four leaves, so now we have extra lettuce to use for a salad or something. I can’t complain about getting more ingredients than we need!

I burned my brioche bun in the toaster oven, but the burger came out tasting great anyway. The mushroom was really juicy; overall it was very messy and difficult to eat, but I suppose that’s how burgers are meant to be.

Portobello_burger1Portobello_burger2Dish number two was the flatbread. My main quibble with this one is that HelloFresh failed to include two of the ingredients needed for the salsa fresca: lime and cilantro. Salsa fresca without lime and cilantro is just tomatoes! Fortunately when I emailed their customer service they responded very quickly and credited $10 toward our next box. Considering it only cost me $1.49 to buy a bunch of cilantro and one lime at the grocery store, the credit was very generous and much appreciated.

I sort of got mad at the flatbread dough, but the fault is on me, not on HelloFresh. The directions tell you to let the dough come to room temperature before you stretch it out, but I had to go apartment hunting and by the time I came home I was starving and didn’t feel patient enough to let the dough sit out for long. Also, we don’t own a rolling pin—I know, we’re barbarians. Therefore, I had a very hard time stretching the dough by hand into a large, thin rectangle; it just wouldn’t hold its shape. The thing ended up being more of a general oval concept than a rectangle, which made the flatbread messy to eat because the toppings had to be piled atop a small area rather than spread evenly over a larger surface. My corn and scallions did not really char despite me cooking them for the amount of time directed, but the dish tasted good despite these issues.

I forgot to take a pic of the flatbread with the salsa fresca on top, so here’s a monochromatic photo of the flatbread fresh out of the oven:

Corn_FlatbreadOne thing I feel compelled to mention as a word nerd is this: the way HelloFresh decides to name dishes sometimes seems a little strange. I know, naming has nothing to do with how a dish tastes and I feel like a weirdo for even bringing it up. Here’s an example: summer squash seems like more of a draw than charred scallions, so I thought it was odd that the squash was in the dish’s subtitle. Also, the title failed to mention that the flatbread included mozzarella. All you have to do is list a cheese and I’ll automatically be 50% happier with the dish. It’s science.

On to my favorite dish from this box: the potato tofu salad. Yeah, I thought it sounded a little weird, like if you brought it to a picnic people would just eye it suspiciously for awhile and then maybe try it after a couple glasses of wine. But as it turns out, if I had to pick one of this week’s dishes to make again, this salad would definitely be the winner!

This potato salad is unusual but it’s very easy to make and it TASTES SO GOOD. There’s a whole lot going on here: roasted potatoes and tofu; sauteed celery, leeks, and green beans; fresh cucumber and dill; a dijon mustard vinaigrette. Some of the green beans had gone soggy, but that’s likely because I made this dish three days after receiving the box. I simply tossed out the soggy beans and used the good ones. The dressing is indeed very tangy, so if you’re into that kind of thing (I am) you’d love it. I guess I didn’t roast the tofu long enough for it to turn crispy, but it did develop a nice golden color and firm texture. I had some feta in the fridge so I also crumbled that up and tossed it with the salad for a salty surprise (sorry, that sounded nasty). You can eat the salad warm, but I refrigerated it for awhile and ate it cold. I’m pretty thrilled that I get to eat all of this myself. Deeeeelicious!

Potato_SaladI know I had a lot of quibbles here, but my goal is simply to share my true and honest experience. And honestly, while these quibbles caused minor annoyance, none of them were dealbreakers in the slightest.

How does HelloFresh work? You sign up for a subscription and select either the Classic Box or the Veggie Box. Each box contains ingredients and recipe cards for three meals that serve either two or four people apiece. The price for each box varies based on the meals—which change from week to week—and the number of people you need to serve. The Veggie box starts at $9.08 per meal per person, while the Classic box starts at $10.75 per meal per person. You pick a delivery date, and voila—a box appears on your doorstep between 8am and 8pm that day!