1. March for Our Lives: last Saturday, John and participated in this important march to  demand change in gun laws. We didn’t stay the whole time (and we were lame and didn’t bring signs), but it was a wonderful experience—especially to hear teenagers speak about how gun violence has changed their lives. I really, really hope that this movement sparks meaningful, lasting reforms. We’ve GOT to vote out lawmakers who are in the NRA’s pocket or things will stay the same.

2. April Bullet Journal Spread: March is almost over and man…I am so looking forward to warmer weather and not having to wear a coat all the time. Inspired by this Instagram post, I decided to try my hand at drawing some succulents on my April spread. They’re not flawless, but I’m pretty proud of how they turned out!

3. Drugstore Beauty: I’m admittedly a bit of a beauty snob and don’t often buy drugstore products. The recent New York Times article “The Best Makeup You Can Buy at the Drugstore” led me to consider a few drugstore beauty goodies; pictured below are a few I picked up, two of which were on the NYT list. I’m planning to write a post with more details about these products, but for now I’ll say that the ones I’ve used so far have performed pretty well.

4. Easy Bagel Recipe: a friend posted a pic on Instagram of bagels she made and they looked really good! Apparently there’s some “two-ingredient bagel” Weight Watchers recipe that actually tastes good. This friend posted a link to an ever-so-slightly more complicated  five-ingredient recipe, which I tried out a few weeks ago…and the bagels did turn out pretty well! They’re not the classic NY bagel style, nor did I expect them to be. The bagels are pretty small (which I’m sure is part of the point for Weight Watchers adherents) and they have an almost sourdough taste to them, probably due to the tang of the Greek yogurt that you mix in with flour. I want to experiment and try making larger bagels with the same recipe and see how those turn out!

5. The Room / The Disaster Artist: I had never heard of The Room until The Disaster Artist started getting awards buzz. Prior to that, I saw a trailer for The Disaster Artist in the theater but had no idea what it was about. Recently, John and I decided to watch both movies—The Room first (available on YouTube), then The Disaster Artist. And wow…The Room was HILARIOUS. It was SO FUCKING BAD. I can see why it ended up being a cult classic—calling it a B-movie would be generous. More like an F-movie. And The Disaster Artist was a very entertaining look at how this terrible, oddly expensive movie got made. I recommend watching both if you need some laughs.