I believe I first heard of Vapour Organic Beauty on Grimm actress Claire Coffee‘s blog, Full Disclothesure (which I recommend, BTW—she doesn’t post often, but her posts are well written and funny, and it’s nice to see a celebrity writing her own stuff and being so down-to-earth about it). Claire had high praise for Vapour’s foundation and primer, which piqued my interest, as I had started (slowly but surely) trying to green my beauty and skin care routine. According to the brand’s website their products are 100% natural, containing 70% organic ingredients and 30% mineral pigments and essential oils. The products are also cruelty free, so no bun-buns are harmed in the process.

Image credit: facedmua.com
Image credit: facedmua.com

So for my birthday last year I got the Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector (in shade 902), which literally smells like dirt but gives my skin a glowy yet matte appearance. It took me a while to get over the earthy aroma, but I actually don’t mind it now. At $56 a bottle the stuff isn’t cheap, but a little goes a long way and it’s worth spending the money on if you can afford a splurge.

I recently began following Vapour Organic Beauty on Instagram and quickly learned about a couple services the brand offers:

1. You can get a free shade consultation! All you have to do is fill out this form and upload a well-lit, shadow-free selfie. They’ll email you back within a couple days to recommend a foundation shade and instant skin perfector shade for your skin tone.

2. You can order five product samples for $15! Seriously, Vapour offers samples of all their products (with the exception of eyeliner) in all shades.  All you do is visit this page, check off the five samples you want, and pay $15 plus shipping (my shipping was just over $2). They also email you a $10 off promo code once your sample kit ships, which you can use on orders of $50+.

So I took advantage of both of these! The shade consultant recommended the foundation in shade 115, which is for fair skin with neutral undertones. She also recommended shade 902 for the skin perfector, which is what I had chosen for myself when I got the soft focus bottle…so I did good.  🙂

Once I had my shade recommendations I decided to order some samples. Here’s what I picked out:

The sample kit arrived pretty quickly, and it is super cute! The little plastic containers remind me of something I can’t quite put my finger on. I had fun photographing the kit and posted it on my Instagram, which Vapour re-posted on their account to help promote their sample kits.  🙂 Here are more pics of my samples:

Vapour Organic Beauty Sample Kit


I was expecting foil sample packets, but they literally send you a fairly generous slice of each product right off the stick. I wonder what they do for products that don’t come in in stick form, like liquid foundation and lip gloss…

Clockwise from top left: Aura Multi Use Blush in Tender, Siren Lipstick in Tempt, Illusionist Concealer in 015, Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in 115, Stratus Instant Skin Perfector in 902.


I also swatched these on my arm so you can see how they look on my skin tone. From L to R: Stratus Instant Skin Perfector (902), Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (115), Illusionist Concealer (015), Aura Multi Use Blush (Tender), Siren Lipstick (Tempt):

Vapour Organic Beauty sample swatches

So of course I decided to do a makeup look using only these five samples. 🙂

First I applied the skin perfector using my fingertips and it went on smoothly. Just from looking at the foundation and concealer samples I was worried the colors would be too dark for me, but when I began applying them they blended into my skin tone very well. I used my ring finger to dab the concealer underneath my eyes to cover up dark circles, and I think it did a good job. The foundation is sheer but buildable, which is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t often wear full-on foundation—I typically use a tinted moisturizer if I’m going to coat my whole face with some color.

I also used my fingertips to apply the blush to the apples of my cheeks and blend it out. Because the blush is “multi use” I decided to try it on my lips before testing out the Siren lipstick. It’s a little dry for use on lips, but the light peachy pink shade works pretty well as a nude on me. Here’s the look with the perfector, foundation, and concealer, along with the blush on my cheeks and lips:


And here’s the look with the four aforementioned products plus the Siren Lipstick in Tempt, described as a “classic medium mauve:”


I LOVE IT. This is basically the perfect no-makeup makeup look! I also curled my eyelashes but didn’t use any mascara, and I brushed some clear mascara in my brows to tame them. Other than that, I achieved this look solely with my five Vapour samples.  The products did give me the promised “lit from within” look, and I didn’t feel like I had a ton of crap loaded on my face. Plus…this lipstick color might be my new favorite MLBB shade!

I will say that all of the products except for the lipstick have that same dirt scent as the soft focus skin perfector that I already use. I’m accustomed to it now, but I wanted to point this out for those who might be sensitive to a more…unusual aroma in your beauty products. The lipstick, however, has a pleasant strawberry scent.

I loved these products so much that I went ahead and ordered the full-sized blush and lipstick in these colors. The blush is $36 and the lipstick is $25, but I got $10 off my order so that’s not too much of a hit to the bank account.

To be fully transparent, I’m not getting paid to promote Vapour or their products. I simply want to share these discoveries because I think it’s a cool green beauty brand with products that deliver as promised.  🙂

Have you tried any Vapour Organic Beauty products? If so, what do you think of them?