1. I already talked a bit about #PDXcarpet. For this first Friday Five item, #PDXcarpet goes meta with the small zippered bag that I bought at a Made in Oregon airport store. I really wanted a pair of PDX carpet socks, but they were $20 and this bag was only $11. I also wished they had a PDX carpet shot glass to add to my collection (yes, I have a shot glass collection!), but amazingly they only had pint glasses and mugs with the print on them. I’m so fascinated by the weirdness of it all, so I Googled “PDX carpet” and turned up this article/radio piece on the history of the carpet and Portlanders’ love for it.

PDXCarpetBag2. Travel Chips! It’s become a tradition that every time my husband and I travel, we buy a bag of Fritos Honey BBQ Flavor Twists. Why? Because they’re delicious, duh. TravelChips3. Our rental car on our Oregon trip was a cute baby blue VW Beetle. This little guy got us from Portland to the forest and back in one piece!Beetle4. Brush-On Block: an SPF 30 mineral sunscreen in a compact, brush-on powder formula. Genius! One of my Oregon cabin mates introduced me to this stuff, and it is great. I REALLY hate the gross sticky feeling of traditional lotion sunscreen, and the spray-on stuff isn’t a great option either; I feel like half of it ends up in my lungs instead of on my skin. Brush-On Block is an easy-to-apply physical sunscreen that’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes—unexpected for a powder! I used it a few times over the weekend and it didn’t irritate my skin, nor did I get burned. Win! At $30 for a tube it’s not cheap, but I’d say it’s worth it (and once you’ve bought one tube, refills are $16). Plus, because it’s a contained powder you can carry it on the plane—and you don’t have to worry about it leaking all over your luggage!BrushOnBlock5. Marionberry Gummy Grizzlies: another Made in Oregon airport shop purchase. We kept seeing marionberry pop up on menus and signs during our trip so I wanted to bring a fun local treat home. These guys look like purple gummy bears and taste like a combination of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Yum!MarionberryGrizzlies