1. Rockaway Beach: going into Labor Day weekend I realized my husband and I hadn’t done a beach day all summer, so we drove out to Rockaway Beach on Saturday morning and spent a few hours relaxing on the sand, watching the surfers. The tropical storm that never hit NYC was supposedly incoming so it was overcast and a little chilly, but we still had an enjoyable morning (and I caught a lot of fun Pokemon, including two new ones, while we were there!).


2. Dunkin Donuts Caramel Apple Croissant Donut: I’ve tried a couple of DD’s faux cronuts before and have liked them, so when I heard they were releasing a new flavor for fall I had to have one. There’s a DD not far from my apartment, so I got one in my hot little hands and it was just as good as the others I’ve tried. This is not something I’d eat regularly, but it’s a nice occasional treat for myself.


3. Speedy Romeo: this pizza comes with a backstory. I grew up in St. Louis, where our style of pizza is covered in a processed “cheese product” called Provel—a combo of Swiss, provolone, and cheddar, among other things that probably barely qualify as food. If you didn’t grow up in STL, you think Provel is disgusting and tastes like melted plastic that becomes one with the roof of your mouth. If you grew up eating the stuff you probably love it for the taste and the nostalgia. When I learned that there’s a pizza joint in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn that “imports” Provel cheese from St. Louis and even has a pizza called the St. Louie, it became a must on my to-do list. The place has been around for awhile, but we only managed to get our asses over there this past weekend for dinner…and it was amazing. I didn’t get the St. Louie pizza because it has two meats on it, but I ordered a margherita pizza and had them add Provel to it (double cheese!). Pardon the shitty photo quality—I was so excited to get this pizza in my mouth but wanted to snap a quick shot of it before I dug in. Also, their Caesar salad was incredible. WE HAVE TO GO BACK.


4. Sunset: yep, another gorgeous Brooklyn sunset. This one happened last Friday while we were chilling at home, and I took this photo while sitting inside on the couch. Imagine if I’d actually gone outdoors and found a better spot to watch the sun set.  😛


5. Yasso Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars: this brand name makes me think of Broad City (YAS QUEEN), but that’s not really important. What’s important is MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP, my all-time favorite ice cream flavor.  These bars also come in other, less important flavors that still sound pretty good. I had one for a snack today, and I really liked it. This could be a problem…but at least it’s Greek yogurt and not actual ice cream…right?