1.  Chobani‘s fall yogurt flavors: Cinnamon Pear Blended and Pumpkin Spice Blended. Three cheers for fall! When I was a kid my favorite season was spring, but now it’s shifted to fall and nothing gets me more excited than seeing spicy seasonal flavors arrive in stores—especially pumpkin spice. I know, pumpkin spice is, like, so over or whatever, but I’m an unabashed pumpkin spice lover no matter how many blogs say it’s a hallmark of being a “basic bitch” (remember when that was a thing last year?).

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2. More yogurt: Müller Corner with Crunchy Granola. Almost a year ago my husband and I went on our belated honeymoon in Italy. People basically pee themselves when they talk about all the glorious food in Italy, and we certainly ate a lot of great stuff there. But the absolute best thing I ate in Italy was the yogurt at the breakfast buffet at our hotel, the Alpin Garden Wellness Resort in Ortisei, located in the Val Gardena section of the Dolomites (which the NY Times wrote about recently). I’m totally serious; that yogurt was so incredible that I looked forward to getting up and eating it every morning. I’ve since searched for a comparable yogurt but hadn’t found one until Müller. It’s not quite the same, but it’s pretty damn close!

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3. Chuck: I’m SUPER late to the Chuck party—it premiered back in 2007—but I recently began watching and am totally into it right now. I remember watching an episode or two in the first season but was a little confused by it because I didn’t watch regularly. Once I started going to San Diego Comic-Con (my first year was 2009) I discovered what a crazy nerd phenomenon the show was. In 2011, Zachary Levi (Chuck) launched Nerd HQ during SDCC and it quickly became my favorite part of the con. After having witnessed firsthand his genuine passion for all things nerdy I decided to finally watch the show, and I’m hooked. It’s very binge watchable and fully celebrates nerd life; Chuck even has a Comic-Con poster and mug in his bedroom! LOVE.


4. Speaking of nerdy, look what my friend got me: a French Mistake” Castiel Funko Pop!! This toy was one of the Funko exclusives at Comic-Con this year that I REALLY wanted to get, but every time I swung by the Funko booth there was a crazy line. When my friend went on Amazon to buy Supernatural Mystery Minis, the website recommended this item to her so she got one for each of us! This is my third Cas Funko, but you can never have enough Cas in your life. “The French Mistake” is a season six mega meta episode of Supernatural in which Misha Collins plays an uber dweeby eco-geek version of himself, and the whole episode is brilliantly hilarious.photo 3
5. Field Roast Vegetarian Deli Slices in Smoked Tomato: I’ve never really liked meat that much, so I go for soy deli slices when I make sandwiches at home. I recently discovered this flavor of Field Roast’s deli slices and it is so tasty! There’s a really rich smoky flavor to these and they feel quite hearty. I’ll definitely buy them again.

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