Personal Website Launch, Catstagram, and more

1. Introducing sarahheiman.comA few months ago I decided to create a personal website as a main hub for my two blogs. I managed to get a .com with my name and designed a site using Squarespace (this is not sponsored in any way, I’m paying for the service). It took me quite some time to put the site together in a way I’m happy with. I finally felt ready to launch the website yesterday…which coincided with the sixth anniversary of Adventures of Herman! I’m pretty proud of myself. John gave me a little assistance and advice along the way, but for the most part I did it all on my own. 🙂  Feel free to head on over and check my new site out.


2. Cheddar + Linus Hit 1K: in other tech news for our household this week, our little orange fur buddies’ Instagram account hit 1,000 followers! I’m not sure if I’ve even mentioned their account here before…I kinda kept it on the DL just to see how it would go. Somehow we doubled our followers in the last month, which is nuts. My @adventuresherman IG hasn’t once broken 800 followers after several years! I guess the internet really does love cats. I mean…look at these faces:

Cheddar + Linus
Cheddar (L) + Linus (R)

3. Dendrobium Buds: my greenhouse has so many blooming orchids right now! Each and every new bloom is exciting, but there are a few orchids working on their first blooms in more than ten years. This weekend while watering my plants, I discovered a tiny spike and buds on this Dendrobium aggregatum orchid that I bought at Lowe’s in January 2010. I literally jumped for joy when I noticed. SO EXCITING!

Dendrobium aggregatum buds

4. Staci Johnson x Brooklyn Candle Studio Collab: I’ve posted about BCS candles many times here. Their candles are fantastic, and when the brand announced a collaboration with Brooklyn artist Staci Johnson I decided to order a couple candles. These limited edition candles come in sleek, shiny black glass jars with original abstract art by Staci Johnson on the labels. A portion of proceeds from these candles go to the Inner City Ranger Project, a summer camp program that gives Brooklyn youth access to urban environmental education. I ordered two of the three candles: Brooklyn at Dusk (L), and Upstate Cabin (R). Both are beautiful and smell wonderful. The collection is currently sold out, so I’m glad I ordered them when I did!

Brooklyn Candle Studio x Staci Johnson

5. Coolhaus Double Chocolate Dirty Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwich: I heard about woman-owned Coolhaus way back when they launched years ago, but somehow never tried their ice cream. Fresh Direct carries some of their ice cream sandwiches, so I finally ordered this one and man, was it good! I’m not a huge fan of chocolate cookies, but my undying love for mint chip won out. These aren’t cheap—they’re $4.99 apiece at Fresh Direct, but they’re worth it as an occasional treat.

Coolhaus ice cream sandwich