Mini monolith
Local Monolith and more

1. Mini Monolith: on a neighborhood walk this week, we passed by a house with a mini monolith in the front yard, and I can’t stop laughing about it. In case you haven’t heard about the mysterious monolith that appeared in the Utah desert and was removed a few days later, here’s a NY Times article about it and its removal. Another one also appeared in Romania recently. I bet this mini foil version will also disappear soon…so I’m happy I spotted it when I did.

Mini monolith

2. Our First Fire: we set a nice fire in our fireplace on Thanksgiving—the first since we moved into our home almost two years ago! It was so cozy and I loved the lingering campfire smell afterward. Time to pick up some firewood for more cozy evenings at home this winter.

First fire

3. Cherry Blossoms: we took a walk on Thanksgiving morning and were surprised to spot some cherry blossoms near the Supreme Court. These trees usually bloom in March or April! The weather has remained pretty warm here, so I’m sure that has something to do with it. Climate change…le sigh.

November cherry blossoms

4. Praline Bakery Pastries: our neighbors brought us a couple pastries from a local bakery to celebrate another neighbor’s birthday. (They did so in a safe and distant way.) John and I split them and both were delicious! The one of the left is a chocolate truffle, and on the right is a lemon bar. Yum!

Praline treats

5. Beaver Moon: the full moon was insane earlier this week! As soon as I spotted it, I had to step out for a little stroll to snap some pics and bask in the bright moonlight. Apparently there was a lunar eclipse the next morning at 4:30am, but I didn’t learn about that until it was too late. That thing in the sky above the moon is probably definitely not a UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena). It’s probably definitely a plane.  😛

Beaver moon