A Food-Forward Friday Five

1. Houdini Kitchen Laboratory: last Friday I took Amtrak to NYC for a fun weekend with girlfriends. That evening we went to this pizzeria in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens. We were having such a good time catching up that I forgot to take pics, so the below photo is from the NY Times’ review of the place. Decor-wise I’d call it Rustic Hipster Cool. The pizzas are quite tasty, though mine—the Camorra—was a little soggy in the middle. Depending on where you live or are staying, Houdini isn’t necessarily convenient, but it’s a solid spot to check out if you’re up for a bit of a commute.

Image Credit: Cassandra Giraldo for The New York Times

2. Roasted Chickpeas and Potatoes with Spinach and Cucumber Salsa: we got our first Martha & Marley Spoon delivery in quite some time this week and have enjoyed all three dishes. I was most impressed with this one because I managed to plate it nicely. I don’t usually have much plating finesse, but I followed the instructions and it turned out well. It tasted great, too!

3. Crispy Roasted Garlic Knots: on to my third food item this week.  😛 I went to happy hour with friends on Wednesday and then three of us ate dinner at All-Purpose afterward. We started with their garlic knots, which are not at all like the standard fare you find at NYC slice joints. The All-Purpose version looked more like popovers than the cinnamon roll-esque knots pictured below, but man…they were DELICIOUS! So light and fluffy. I highly recommend them if you find yourself at one of the All-Purpose locations in DC.

Image credit: Mike C, Yelp

4. Lithuanian Centennial Installation: I had to stop and snap a pic of this cool light installation while passing through Union Station on the way to Metro this week. The piece, by Ray Bartkus, is called “Gardens” and incorporates color-changing LED lights. According to the official press release, “Gardens” is a reinterpretation of Lithuanian folk art ornaments traditionally woven out of straw. The lights’ reflection on the floor reminds me of the Bifrost rainbow bridge in the Thor movies. I love it when things like this pop up in Union Station. It’s a MUCH more pleasant place than NYC’s Penn Station!

5. A Storm Is Coming: actually, the storm came and went, but you know…Game of Thrones references are always fun. DC has had a shit ton of rain this month (so much so that a hellmouth sinkhole opened up on the White House lawn) and I love watching storms approach from inside our apartment. This storm had really rapid-moving clouds and an almost greenish sky. I wish I had the photography skills to capture the lightning, because it was insane!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, everyone!