Nerdiness, Mother Nature, and more

1. Funko Pop Movie Moments – Pennywise in Gutter: John was out of town last weekend and when he returned he surprised me with this amazing toy tableau from It! I hadn’t realized the brand was doing these little scenes. The detail on this thing is impeccable—the little paper boat says “SS Georgie” on it! We now have two Pennywises in our apartment…that may officially make us creeps.  😛

2. Supernatural Lapel Pin Blind Box: John also picked up this pin blind box for me. I ended up with a super cool Team Free Will pin with a moveable Baby on it! I’m definitely going to wear my new pin and show off my Supernatural pride at San Diego Comic Con in July.  😀

3. This Gorgeous Rainbow: DC has been really stormy lately (and I’m not just referring to the Stormy Daniels situation). After one of the storms last weekend, this beautiful rainbow appeared. I couldn’t believe how bright it was at one point!

4. Zapdos! I had yet to encounter a legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go because until recently, they were only available to catch after gym raids, and I haven’t waded into the gym raid culture yet. But with the recent addition of the research feature, players are occasionally presented with a legendary Pokémon encounter. This week I was surprised to complete a task and encounter my first legendary: a Zapdos, which I caught with little trouble! Woohoo!

5. Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask [paid link]: I got this sample in a Sephora order and decided to try it out this week. And I really liked it! It left my skin looking radiant and feeling refreshed, quite literally—it has a cooling effect after you wash it off. I would LOVE to buy this full sized, but it’s $92. HOLY MOLY! Someday….