Fellow beauty geeks, the most wonderful time of year is almost here: Sephora’s 20% off sale for VIB members begins Friday, November 10!

Sephora holds their infamous VIB sales twice a year: once in April and once in November. The April sale gives VIB members 15% off, but the November 20% off event is that much sweeter!

I’ve been browsing Sephora’s website for ideas on what to buy when the sale launches next week. I’m still in the market for a new foundation or tinted moisturizer, and I’d also like to get some staples and try some new things! Some products I’ve got my eye on are:

For a few days, Sephora Collection had a huge “Holy Sheet” set that included all kinds of sheet masks: face, eye, lip, hands, feet, etc. The set is no longer on the website so I guess they’re already sold out—though maybe they’ll restock for the sale? That’s another item I’d consider buying because sheet masks are so damn fun.

The VIB sale would also be a great time to buy palettes! I recently bought these two and highly recommend both:

The possibilities are endless! I’m curious what I’ll end up buying—it could be completely different from the ideas I’ve listed here. I do want to go to a store to get some help choosing a foundation or tinted moisturizer shade, because I don’t feel confident picking the right one on my own. I also want to test out those tarte liners in person to see if either one might work for me.

The sale goes through November 15, so we have five full days to spend, spend, and spend some more. I wonder how much money Sephora makes during five days of a sale vs. five non-sale days? It has to triple or quadruple, at least!

What are you planning to buy during the VIB sale?