1. Pokémon Go Gen 3: it’s finally here!!! The new generations of monsters was released last Friday afternoon and as soon as I noticed the release, I went out to try and catch ’em all! This pic shows the first six Gen 3 Pokémon that I caught on that stroll, and I’ve added nine additional new ones to my Pokédex. I believe they released 50, so I still have a ways to go!

Clockwise from top left: Treecko, Skitty, Makuhita, Slakoth, Plusle, Gulpin

2. Spicy Lentils with Sweet Potatoes and Kale: I’ve probably written about this dish before, but I made it again this week (using a recipe from EatLiveRun) and it was so freaking good! I somehow managed to season it perfectly this time—I usually under-season because I’m afraid of making dishes too salty. The sweet potato came out tasting almost buttery, though I’m not quite sure how that happened. This is a hearty vegetarian dish for winter and I highly recommend trying it for yourself!

3. First Snow of the Season: last Saturday we got about an inch of snow, and it was beautiful! It was so lovely that it happened on a weekend when my husband and I could hang out in the apartment together playing Zelda and drinking hot chocolate. We had a holiday party to attend that night, too, so the snow was even more perfect. I’m honestly not a huge fan of snow, but the first time it happens each season, it’s a little magical.

4. Sweet Earth Natural Foods Pizza Mac & Cheese: I noticed this in the freezer section of my local grocery store and had to have it. Pizza and mac & cheese are legit two of my favorite foods, so a mashup that includes veggie grounds has my name all over it. I ate it for breakfast yesterday (don’t judge) and it was quite tasty! I would buy this again for sure.

5. District Distilling Embassy Row Grappa: my husband received this grappa as a holiday gift at work and he brought it home for us to try out. I’m not very familiar with grappa—I’ve maybe tried it a handful of times. This particular version was made right here in DC using cabernet sauvignon grape pomace from Boxwood Winery, which my husband and I actually visited this past May. Grappa is definitely made for sipping; this particular bottle contains more than 40% alcohol. To me, this small batch grappa tastes like raisin vodka, which might sound gross…but it’s really not! I’m actually going to District Distilling for the first time next week, so I’m excited to try more of their booze.