I’ll admit this is not the most inspired Friday Five post; I’ve been taking it easy and resting my poor, tired feet a lot since returning from Comic-Con so I haven’t been out and about seeing cool stuff in DC as much as usual!

1. Double Rainbow: this week we’ve been having surprise evening storms (by “surprise” I mean that my iPhone weather app didn’t predict any rain), and last night brought us a doozy. But with it came the benefit of a stunningly bright double rainbow, which I was able to see quite a bit of from our deck! The rainbows lasted awhile, too—the main, brighter one you see in the below photo stuck around for about a half an hour. I don’t know if this is typical for double rainbows and it’s not something I’ve ever noticed before, but the colors of each one actually mirror that of the other. You can see that the second rainbow (the fainter one) has its reds along the underside, while its purples and blues run along the top. The first rainbow has the standard red on top, purple on the bottom. Pretty magical, right?!

2. Encyclia Cochleata Orchid in Bloom: the first flower on one of my more unusual orchids was juuuuust beginning to open up the morning I left for Comic-Con, and I was happy to see that it was still going strong when we returned. A second bloom has opened up and there’s a third bud currently in development. This type of orchid is a sequential bloomer, meaning a few blooms will open up and die off, then more will open up and die off, and so on (not for too long, unfortunately). This particular variety is nicknamed the cockleshell orchid or clamshell orchid, but I think it looks a little like an octopus. I love it.

3. Bizarre States Pin: I mentioned my newfound love of the Bizarre States podcast in last week’s Friday Five. Prior to Comic-Con they had released some pins and I thought the Ouija board one was super cool—the planchette even slides back and forth! I meant to stop by Conival at SDCC this year to see if they were selling any, but I completely forgot so I ordered a pin when I got home from San Diego. And how cute is it?! I’m excited to show my Bizarro geek pride by wearing this little guy…even though Oujia boards freak me the fuck out.

4. Everything Bagel Doughnut: this week I stopped by Union Market for a treat and was drawn to the B. Doughnut stall. When I spotted their everything bagel doughnuts, I knew I had to try one. These are apparently one of the hot new food mashup trends, and while I don’t usually seek out that kind of thing, I was excited to try one when the opportunity presented itself. Basically, it’s a savory doughnut filled with cream cheese and topped with everything bagel spice blend and bits of bacon. YUM.

5. Veggie Breakfast Sandwich: speaking of everything bagels, Union Kitchen Grocery has updated their breakfast menu and when I spotted this item, I had to try it. I’ve forgotten the official sandwich name, but it has egg, arugula, tomatoes, goat cheese, and a tomato pepper jam on a toasted everything bagel. It’s filling and delicious!