I’m going to try to make it a habit to post a Throwback Thursday each week…or at least, to do these posts more often. This week’s #tbt is a simple but sweet one:

Photo of a photo.

The small child in the middle is me! I’m clutching my ratty old Herry Monster stuffed animal and that’s my dad holding me (those sideburns, though). The folks on the left are my dad’s parents, Opa (Walter) and Oma (Trude)—they were German Jews who moved to the U.S. in 1938 when Oma was pregnant with my dad. Brilliant decision. The folks on the right are my mom’s parents, Mama (Minnie) and Papa (Ernest), from Charleston, WV. I’m sorta loving Mama’s handbag. Unfortunately, none of my grandparents are with us today, but they all had nice long lives—Walter, in particular, lived a week beyond his 106th birthday!

Judging from the date printed on the right edge of the photo, it was taken in August of 1980, which would make me two years and two months old. Look how light my hair was! Why was everyone so dressed up? We all look really hot (like, temperature-wise).

I’m looking forward to sharing more randomness in future #tbt posts.  🙂