When I was in sixth grade my family went on vacation at Stanford Sierra Camp, open mostly to families of Stanford University alumni (my dad went to college there). The camp is located on Fallen Leaf Lake just south of Lake Tahoe.


At the time I was terribly shy and too afraid to participate in camp activities with my age group, so I really didn’t get involved with much at the camp itself. My mom kindly took me hiking and sightseeing outside of the camp while my brother and sister did camp-y stuff with the other kids their ages. The place was beautiful and I wish I hadn’t been so afraid of the other kids and Stanford student counselors (college-aged kids were terrifying to me when I was younger). But I always like posing in front of signs to prove that I was there, so that’s what I’m doing in this week’s Throwback Thursday. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?!  😛