Is it too soon to do a Throwback Thursday to Comic-Con 2016? I think not. We only returned from this year’s nerd vacation on Tuesday night and I haven’t done my recap blog post yet so SDCC is still occupying large portions of my brain space. So this week’s #tbt is an echo of last week’s: a pic from when I picked up my official SDCC WB con bag and received my first choice, Supernatural!


In case you are unfamiliar with these bags, they’re a big deal at SDCC; each year, Warner Bros produces a whole mess of bags featuring designs from the TV shows they’re promoting. These bags are given out to every Comic-Con attendee randomly so you don’t get to choose which one you get—and there are always people waiting around near the bag handout area who want to trade for the bag they really want. No joke, within a minute of receiving this bag, two people approached me and asked me if I wanted to trade. Sorry, guys, this one’s MINE.   🙂