My latest Stitch Fix arrived this past Saturday—a few days early—to brighten my mood after the dreadful election outcome last week (#ugh #notoverit). This Fix is number sixteen for me; my calculator tells me that means I’ve received 80 items total from Stitch Fix since I first signed up (though I haven’t kept every single piece)!

My box came filled with seasonally appropriate shades, patterns, and textures:


Never heard of Stitch Fix? It’s a subscription-based personal styling service that assigns you a stylist who picks out five pieces based on your profile. Then you receive a box in the mail and have three days to try everything on at home and decide which pieces you want to purchase. If you’re interested in learning more and signing up for your own Fixes, there’s a more detailed description of how the service works at the bottom of this post.

My most recent stylist, Lucy, is no longer with Stitch Fix, but Rachelle picked up right where Lucy left off.  As per usual, my Fix came with a note from my stylist and cards showing outfit ideas for each piece that she chose for me:

Looking promising!

The first piece I tried on was the Pixley Greenich Striped Knit Top ($48), along with the Lila Ryan Liza Skinny Jean ($98). I love that Rachelle picked the top out for me after seeing it on my Pinterest style board!

Pixley Greenich Striped Knit Top, Lila Ryan Liza Skinny Jean | Stitch Fix

The top is super cute; it has navy-and-white stripes with black faux leather patches on the elbows and along the vents at the bottom of each side. I do wish the faux leather was in more of a contrasting color than black on navy (brown might have been good), but it’s still cute. Here’s a photo of me posing awkwardly so that you can see the top’s details a little better.


I was also excited to see a pair of jeans in this Fix—I had kind of been hoping for a pair but hadn’t specifically requested anything from my stylist beforehand. These skinnies were just the right color, style, and fit for me, but the length wasn’t quite right for pairing with sneakers. I wear sneakers every day (other types of shoes hurt too much), and if I feel like a pair of jeans looks a little off with sneakers, I know I won’t end up wearing them much. I didn’t want to spend almost $100 on jeans that I probably wouldn’t wear much, so for that reason, the verdict on the jeans is RETURNED. But the verdict on the top is KEPT!

The next piece is the Market & Spruce Beckham Buttoned Turtleneck ($78) in my favorite color. This sweater is a nice eggplant shade and has a fun diagonally-buttoned neck detail that I didn’t expect to like…but I did! However, the sweater’s cut wasn’t quite right on me. It was pretty roomy under the arms and along the sides. The fit wasn’t awful, but I didn’t love the sweater enough to spend $78 on it.The verdict?  RETURNED. Also, the below pic offers a better peek at the jeans that I ended up returning…something just doesn’t look right (probably the fact that I’m wearing sneakers to begin with… #damnyoufeet).

Market & Spruce Beckham Buttoned Turtleneck | Stitch Fix

Moving on, I slipped into the RD Style Colton Marled Knit Cardigan ($64). This cardigan makes for a really cute fall outfit when paired with the Pixley top and Lila Ryan jeans!

RD Style Colton Marled Knit Cardigan | Stitch Fix

I love the texture and style of this cardigan…and I always love pockets. The sleeve length is just right on my long ass arms. Plus, the medium gray color will go with everything (except maybe my gray skinny jeans, but even then, that combo could work in conjunction with a colorful top to break up the monochromatic scheme). The sweater isn’t super soft, but that’s not enough of a deal breaker because I like everything else about it. I’m sure you can guess that the verdict for the cardigan is KEPT.

Last but not least is The Accessory Collective Winston Plaid Scarf ($34), which Rachelle said was inspired by all of the plaid pieces I’ve pinned recently.


This scarf is so cozy and soft—and it’s reversible! One side has a black-and-white plaid, while the other has a herringbone pattern. The scarf is quite wide so it doubles as a nice wrap, too:

The Accessory Collective Winston Plaid Scarf | Stitch Fix

Winter is coming, as they say, so the verdict on this scarf is KEPT!

The three pieces I kept will be so great this fall and winter, and altogether they set me back $126 (after the $20 styling fee deduction). Another box where I kept three out of five pieces: I call that a solid Fix!

And here’s some cool news: Stitch Fix recently launched Stitch Fix Men, so if you have a special man in your life he can sign up (or you can give him a subscription or gift card for the holidays!) to start receiving his own curated apparel.

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What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix assigns a personal stylist to hand pick five items for you, including clothing, accessories, and shoes—and ships them right to your door.

How does Stitch Fix work?

Sign up at Stitch Fix and complete a style profile by filling out your clothing and shoe sizes, what sort of styles you like, color preferences, and more. You can even specify a price range you’re willing to spend per piece. The style profile is comprehensive, and they encourage you to include a link to your Pinterest style board (here’s mine) to help guide your stylist. You can request specific items via your Pinterest board or by leaving a note for your stylist on the Stitch Fix website, though there’s no guarantee you’ll get them.

Then you schedule a Fix. You can get a Fix as often as you’d like: monthly, every other month, for an upcoming special occasion, etc. When the appointed date arrives, you get a box filled with five items picked just for you, along with a note from your stylist and cards with outfit ideas for each piece. You have three days to try everything on and decide what to keep or return. If you keep any items (even just one), they’ll deduct a $20 styling fee from the total cost. Even better? If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount on everything! You only pay the $20 styling fee if you send everything back. What happens if you don’t like some of the items? Stitch Fix makes it simple for you to return whatever you don’t want to keep. Each Fix includes a pre-addressed, USPS postage-paid envelope for easy returns. Schedule your first Fix today!