Masks and More Beauty Fun

Hanukkah came very early this yearā€”it began on December 2 so it has already come and gone! I don’t do much holiday celebrating, but my mom always asks me for a gift wish list. So I came up with a list for her and I received all of it! I mostly asked for beauty products, but I got a few other things too. Here’s the full array of my gifts, including books and jewelry in addition to the beauty goodies:

The Masks

I’m such a mask maniac these days (100% Instagram’s fault). One of the masks I keep seeing Instagrammers talk about is theĀ Ā Farmacy Bright On Massage-Activated Vitamin C Mask. I’m all about that bright skin and dark spot fading, so I definitely wanted to try this one! I’ve tried a few other Farmacy products and have really liked them. This clay mask contains vitamin C (duh) and AHAs for brightening, clarifying, and detoxing the skin. I’ve only used this mask once as of this post, but my skin looked nice and bright afterward. So far so good!

Another Insta-popular mask isĀ Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. This is a leave-on moisturizing mask, which sounds exactly what my skin is in serious need of this winter. Key ingredients are vitamin C for brightening, sodium hyaluronate for moisture, chestnut extract for natural exfoliation, and niacinamide for reducing pores, uneven skin, and fine lines. You can use it as an overnight mask or a makeup primer. I haven’t tried this mask yet but I will soon!

I bought a 6-pack ofĀ Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Rose Gold Eye Masks in my Rouge Holiday Bonus haul and really liked them, so I wanted to stock up! I’m happy to have extras in my ever-growing mask stash.

Lush Goodies

More Insta-influence! An Instagram friend posted a photo of LushĀ Magic Crystals Shower ScrubĀ and I was instantly smitten with the bright purple color. The scrub contains peppermint and spearmint and smells SUPER refreshing! I also decided I wanted to try theĀ Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub. I’ve used the Mint Julips scrub in the past and loved it, so I thought I’d try a different flavor. Plus, I got a bonus sample of Sympathy for the Skin Body Lotion, which is a vanilla-banana cream that smells heavenly.

Texture pics! I wasn’t kidding about the bright purple body scrub. And I love that Sugar Plum Fairy is a pretty blue shade.

I’m having fun with these Lush goodies so far. The scrub hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin and it doesn’t leave an oily film in the tub. I’ve tried other body scrubs that make the tub oily and I cannot with them. The lip scrub is great because it’s a sugar scrub that you can literally lick off your lipsā€”no wet washcloth needed for removal. The body lotion isn’t irritating my skin either! I have to be careful about using scented products on my body, but so far these are working out for me.

Mini Lipsticks

I also received the super cute Fenty Beauty Two Lil MattemoisellesĀ – Chill Owt Edition, which comes packaged in an ornament with a holographic inset.

I haven’t tried many Fenty products but I was interested in these mini matte lipsticks. The packaging is beautiful and the lipsticks come stamped with “FB” on the top. The shades are Griselda, a burgundy, and Spanked, a dusty rose:

Here be swatches! Spanked actually looks a little more coral than rose on me. Pantone recently announced that the Color of the Year for 2019 is coral, so I’ll be right on trend when I wear Spanked. Griselda is such a beautiful, dramatic shade, great for a special event. The formula is non-drying, which is excellent for a matte. I haven’t had the occasion to wear either of these for an extended period of time yet so I can’t speak to the wear time.Ā 

And there you have it! I’m pleased with the new products I’ve tried so far. I’ll be trying the Summer Fridays mask soon and will make it a point to test out the Fenty lipstick wear time soon as well.

What beauty products are on your wish list for this holiday season?