Slate & Willow Winding Road Dress - Rent the Runway


This past weekend was my much-anticipated 20th high school reunion in St. Louis. I’m still very close with many of my friends from high school and could not wait to catch up with everyone in person!

Let me say this: I was NOT popular in high school. I was very shy and pretty much only spoke to my own little group of nerdy friends. 😛 But I joined the class volunteer reunion planning committee and ended up becoming very involved, so there was an extra layer of anticipation and excitement because I was so wrapped up in the event planning details. My husband and I went to a cocktail reception and dinner at my school on Friday night, and then Saturday night was the main event for my class: a cocktail party at a beautiful venue in downtown St. Louis called Death in the Afternoon.

So of course I rented a dress from Rent the Runway for the occasion! In case you’re not familiar with Rent the Runway, you can read about how it works in the first review I wrote about the designer dress rental service. I probably looked at every damn dress on the website before settling on the Winding Road Dress from RTR house brand Slate & Willow.

Slate & Willow Winding Road Dress - Rent the Runway

I had a whole list of restrictions for my potential reunion dress:

  • Nothing too flashy or attention-getting (I didn’t want to be the girl wearing a “hey everybody, look at me!” dress).
  • Nothing risky: I considered many dresses with cut-outs, but I’ve never worn one before and was afraid it would look terrible on me.
  • Nothing that showed too much skin or looked trashy (not that RTR really has trashy dresses, but some are just…not for me).
  • Nothing overly dressy (see above re: not too attention-getting).
  • Something with color—so, no LBD.
  • I wanted something short and sleeveless with interesting detail (and affordable, of course).

The Winding Road Dress checked off all these boxes for me and only cost $45 to rent ($215 retail value).

My usual size fit me pretty well so I wore that rather than the larger backup size that RTR sends for free. The top part of the dress actually fit perfectly, but the bottom was a little loose around my hips. It wasn’t so loose that I couldn’t wear it, and it somehow made me look a little curvier than I really am—so I can’t complain about that. The color of the dress in the below photo appears lighter than it really is because the camera flash was on. In reality the dress is more of a true navy blue.

Slate & Willow Winding Road Dress - Rent the Runway

The slit definitely showed a lot of leg when I sat down, but I knew I wasn’t going to be sitting down much at this party so that wasn’t a problem for me. For women who are super self-conscious about their thighs or are going to a very conservative event, the high slit-while-sitting thing could be an issue, so that’s just something to note. Here’s another shot where you can see the slit better (that’s what she said!):

Slate & Willow Winding Road Dress - Rent the Runway

The dress looked and felt well made, though there was a long loose thread inside along the zipper. It was very comfortable to wear all night, and I would have been able to move with ease had we ended up dancing. I especially loved the white piping detail—that was what really sold me on the dress. The piping was subtle and added just enough interest to keep this dress from being boring and too conservative for my taste.

All in all, I’m quite happy with the dress I selected to wear to my reunion—not too attention-grabbing, but fitted, cute, comfortable, and affordable. All in, with insurance, tax, and shipping, renting this dress cost me $62.48. Pretty damn good, right?!

And now I’m sad that the incredibly fun weekend and time with my friends is over. Back to real life…