We started tasting our kombucha the weekend before last and decided to let it continue to ferment for a few more days so it’d turn a little less sweet. But it has shaped up to be a very tasty treat! This past Saturday, we bottled our kombucha to allow it to go through secondary fermentation for a few days before we leave town later this week.

First, I removed the old + newly formed SCOBY and put it into a jar along with 1.5 cups of our very own homemade kombucha. This jar went into the fridge and will serve as the starter for our next batch! You can see the jar with the SCOBY on the left in this photo:

IMG_4429I used the blueberry ginger flavoring that came in our Kombucha Brooklyn brewing kit, but I only flavored about half the batch. We’ll see which version we like better—flavored or unflavored. I tend to be more of a flavoring fan than my husband, so I think we can predict how that’ll net out.

I didn’t take photos of the bottling process, because, well, if you need help picturing kombucha being poured into bottles, you might need to work on your imagination (also, I bottled by myself and couldn’t take pics while pouring!). But here’s a photo of the finished product:

IMG_4430I washed out some old bottles really well, let them dry, and set them aside specifically for our home brew; once I poured the brew into the bottles I labeled each with Saturday’s date. I put the bottles back in the same spot where we brewed the batch and will leave them there until Wednesday. Then we’ll stick them in the fridge, because we’re leaving town on Thursday for a few days and we don’t want these to over-carbonate while sitting out at room temp. Just a light fizz is all we’re going for here.

So far, so good! We’re looking forward to drinking our very own home brewed kombucha!