I’m still basking in the post-vacation glow, so this week I’m sharing five more things from our vacation.

1. Wild Huckleberry Milk Chocolate Candy Bar: we hadn’t even made it to Wyoming before I bought this! I got it at the Denver airport during our layover before flying to Jackson. I’m a total sucker for anything huckleberry flavored!


2. Kate’s Real Food: we discovered these bars in the Mangy Moose market in Teton Village while looking for snacks for our first hike. Created by a Jackson Hole local and now produced in Idaho, these bars are packed with nutrition to keep you going in the mountains. And they are DELICIOUS! There are a variety of flavors, but I’m partial to the Tiki Bar and the Tram Bar; my husband likes the Grizzly Bar. And guess what…they’re available on Amazon! I ordered us a case of Grizzly Bars so that we can enjoy them here in NYC while reminiscing about our trip.


3. Speaking of the Mangy Moose, I just love this photo of our cocktails on the western skull table at the restaurant there on our third night in Teton Village. [P.S. the drinks at the Mangy Moose were so cheap!]


4. Mushroom Toast: Apologies for the not-great photo, but I ordered this appetizer at Spur, the restaurant in our hotel in Teton Village, and it was one of the best things out of so many other amazing things that I ate during our two weeks away! It was comprised of roasted mushrooms, mountina cheese (an alpine cheese from Montana), potato bread, truffle vinaigrette, and a poached egg. YUM.


5. Whiskey Bar: this gorgeous bar inside the historic and spooky Stanley Hotel carries 1,200 different whiskies, bourbons, and scotches, with nearly 200 different Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project bourbons alone! The cocktail list has some fun options (including a section of cocktails labeled “Disturbed Spirits,” one of which is a Redrum Punch) and an incredibly delicious food menu.