Snowy Weekend, Bird Box, Sheet Masks

1. Snow Storm: we had our first big snow storm of the year this past weekend. It started on Saturday afternoon and by Monday morning, about 10 or so inches had accumulated. It was beautiful outside the first morning after the snow stopped, but of course it’s slushy and gross out there days later. We might get more this weekend…yikes!

2. Bird Box: I won’t spoil anything about this new Netflix film in case you haven’t watched it yet. I will say that the concept is very similar to a film that I saw in the theaters last year that I thoroughly enjoyed…though this one isn’t quite as good. I did like this movie, though, and I think it’s worth watching.

3. December FaceTory Masks: my sheet mask subscription is on a delayed shipment schedule, so I always get each month’s package at the beginning of the next month. I actually don’t mind, though, because I’m pretty behind on using them up! I gotta say, FaceTory’s house brand is killing it in the packaging department. I’m most excited to try their Detox mask!

4. Game of Thrones Wine: somehow I missed the release of a line of wines inspired by one of my favorite TV shows! I only discovered this when I went to Giant prior to the snow storm to buy wine, and I just happened to spot this red blend on the shelf. I grabbed it immediately! We haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure we’ll drink it before the final season premieres in April. I’ll just have to pick up the other wines from the collection so we can have some on hand for the premiere (and finale….*sob*).

How cool is this label?!

5. Cedar’s Balsamic Caramelized Onion Dip: this brand makes John’s favorite hummus, and I love their yogurt dips. This particular flavor was new to me so I picked it up and it’s delicious! I’m pretty sensitive to onion—it’s often too strong for me—but I’m usually down with caramelized onion. This dip did not disappoint!