1. Please vote next Tuesday! I don’t usually talk politics here, but it’s SO important that you vote on November 8. This campaign has been a ridiculous shitshow and now it’s time for all of us to cast our votes for the person we believe is most qualified to be our next president. Don’t be lazy or assume your vote won’t matter in your state; exercise your right as an American and let your voice be heard! NOTE: you must go to your polling location in person to vote…contrary to rumors out there, you cannot vote via text message. If you’re unsure where to go to vote, a simple Google search will turn up several links where you can input your address to find your polling location. Plus, after you vote you’ll (probably) get an “I Voted” sticker and who doesn’t love those?  😛

2. Microplane Cut Resistant Glove: my mom sent me this in the mail and I finally got a chance to use it yesterday evening. This glove is meant to protect you from cuts in the kitchen when you’re doing things like grating or using a mandolin. It’s not intended to prevent you from cutting yourself while chopping with a knife, so don’t try that at home! I wore the glove last night while spiralizing sweet potatoes because I find that when I get down to the nub of a vegetable I usually break a nail while trying to grind out the last bit. I didn’t break any nails this time around, so this glove seems pretty solid. It’s nice that it’s machine washable, because the sweet potato turned the fingertips orange.


3. boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-Off Treatment: I received a sample tub of this mask in the Sephora Soko to Tokyo box that I bought a couple months ago, and I am LOVING it! I’m definitely going to buy the full size. First of all, it’s fun to swirl the white and black portions of the mask together while applying—it’s like finger painting for your face—and I truly think this mask makes my pores look smaller. Seriously, this stuff is really good.


4. Sweet Street Salted Caramel Manifesto Cookie: I saw this cookie at checkout while buying breakfast at LAX on Monday before my flight back to JFK, and the “non-GMO” and “cage-free eggs” lingo sold me on it. (Not that those things mean the cookie is actually good for you.) This cookie was delicious! I’d be interesting in trying more of the brand’s goodies.


5. Cheese Plate: my husband put together a couple beautiful cheese plates for his 40th birthday open house party that we threw at his parents’ house in Los Angeles last weekend. Look how pretty it is! Mmm, cheese.