1. Front Porch Herb Garden: we decided to get some herbs to grow on the front porch so that we can have fresh herbs to cook with! So last weekend we got basil, oregano, and thyme plants and potted them up. I hope I can keep them alive; I have a better track record with orchids than with other plants (weird, I know).


2. Summer Is Here: well, technically summer doesn’t arrive until June 20, but we all know that Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff of the season. So this past Monday I toasted to summer with friends in a lush Brooklyn backyard with a lovely rosé-and-limoncello cocktail.  🙂


3. Those Summer Brooklyn Sunsets: along with the warm weather comes super intense sunset season. Brooklyn gets incredible sunsets all summer long! My husband and I witnessed this one last Friday night from The Roof at the Whole Foods in Gowanus.


4. Sephora Orchid Face Mask: I ordered this sheet mask in my VIB Sale Haul a while back and finally got around to trying it last week. I picked the orchid formula for two reasons: 1) for its anti-aging and smoothing properties, and 2) because ORCHIDS. Honestly, I can’t say I saw any difference in my skin after using this mask once, but it was just as enjoyable to use as other sheet masks have been. The eye holes on this mask were particularly small, though, and I was worried about getting the serum in my eyes (but I managed not to).


5. Speaking of Orchids…I will be getting blooms on one of my orchids soon! This is an Oncidium orchid that hasn’t bloomed for me in two years, so I’m very excited to see it developing buds. It’s also the first orchid plant of mine to go into spike since we moved into our apartment almost a year ago, and I’m thrilled. Based on how far along the buds are now and knowing when this orchid bloomed last time, flowers should start opening up right around or possibly even on my birthday, which is June 13.

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