Survivor Winners at War
Survivor Season 40, Fear Street, and more

1. Survivor 40: Winners at War: well, I’ve finally worked my way through all 40 seasons of Survivor, and I’m sad that this TV journey is complete. But I’m also very excited that season 41 is coming next month!! Season 40 was such a blast to watch, with so many fan favorite winners clawing tooth and nail to win the $2 million prize. I want to buy the season 40 merge tribe Buff from, but it’s not available for purchase yet. Of course I signed up to receive an email when it becomes available.  🙂

Survivor Winners at War
Image Credit: CBS

2. Fear Street Trilogy: another bit of entertainment that I really enjoyed recently was this horror trilogy on Netflix. The first installment, set in the 1990s, was definitely my favorite, but the whole thing was simply a lot of fun. The soundtrack alone in 1994 is worth it, especially for those of us who were in high school back in the 90s. The movie begins inside a B. Dalton bookstore in a mall, for fuck’s sake. I was sold from the first second.

Fear Street movies
Image Credit: Netflix via AP

3. Trader Joe’s Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer: John did a TJs run last week and I made sure to include this skin care product on the shopping list. I needed a light moisturizer for daytime, and I’ve heard good things about this stuff. I’ve been using it in the morning for about a week, and so far so good. At $8.99, it’s very affordable!

Trader Joe's Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

4. Trader Joe’s Dendrobium Orchid: a surprise purchase from John’s TJs run! Every now and then, TJs will stock “exotic” orchids that aren’t your usual Phalaenopsis (moth) orchid that you see everywhere. John picked up this beauty for me, which I’m currently displaying on our fireplace mantle.

Trader Joe's dendrobium orchid

5. Della Barba: I had heard that this pizza shop has some of the best NY-style pizza in DC, and we finally ordered it this week. The pizza definitely lived up to the expectations! Look…I lived in NYC for more than 15 years, but I’m not super picky about pizza. For the most part, if I’m eating pizza, I’m happy. But this joint gets the closest to NY pizza that I’ve tried in DC so far. To be fair, there are a ton of other pizza places here that we have yet to try. But I’d 100% order from Della Barba again.

Della Barba pizza
Cheese pizza with pepperoni & mushrooms