Because I’m not ready to let our vacation go yet, this week’s Friday Five is all Grand Cayman-related!

1. Grand Cayman Souvenirs: I have a shotglass collection, so of course I bought a couple to add to it—one general Cayman Islands, one Hell. And we have a turtle collection so I bought this adorable carved stone turtle from the Cayman Turtle Center.

2. Cayman Islands Orchid Stamps: in Part 2 of my vacation recap I talked about visiting The Penny Black, a stamp shop in George Town. I picked out these two beautiful sets of orchid stamps, and the shop owner kindly threw in the bonus orchid stamp you see below on the right!

3. Cayman Islands Turtle Stamps: we also purchased this set of six turtle stamps. How cute are they? They’ll be a great addition to my burgeoning stamp collection…and I can’t say no to more turtle stuff.

4. The OG Shelfie: I took this pic of some toiletries lined up on a shelf in the washroom area of Rankine House at Queen Elizabeth II Royal Botanic Park. It totally made me think of the shelfies everyone posts on Instagram these days! I like to think this is the original shelfie.  🙂

5. Cayman Islands Money: We mostly used credit cards and USD while on vacation, but we did end up coming home with a couple of CI bills. I wanted to share them here because they’re so pretty! Turtles and fish, AND the Queen? Sorry, USD, but CI money is much more interesting to look at.