This week’s Throwback Thursday? My eighth grade school photo from 1991.


I don’t look substantially different than I did in my seventh grade school pic, nor do my fashion choices appear to have changed much within the year. The biggest differences are that I got my braces and that I apparently gave up on trying to make my hair do anything special.

I don’t remember wearing so many plain ol’ t-shirts to school! My school (a Midwestern prep school) had a pretty stringent dress code, but I guess as long as t-shirts were free of logos or slogans they were fine. That gold chain necklace I’m wearing has my baby ring dangling from it—a tiny ring with an even tinier diamond chip in it that my parents got when I was born. I of course never wore it as a baby or even as a child, but I guess a baby ring was some kind of tradition back then. I still have it on a chain, too! I think I’ll pull the necklace out and wear it today, for nostalgia’s sake.  🙂