1.  Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips: yup, these are still around, and are still as fun and gross as ever! #sorrynotsorry for the image of all the blackheads I ripped out of my skin…  😛


2. Broadchurch Season 2:  this British crime drama is one of the most beautiful shows ever. It’s not the most uplifting show (in fact, it can be downright depressing-slash-upsetting), but the visuals make up for that aspect. I took a bunch of screen shots while watching the season recently because I was just absolutely floored by the cinematography. My tiny screen shots don’t do it justice in the slightest. BRB, off to the UK seaside…


3. Pret has a new sandwich on their menu (I think it’s a limited edition) and it’s right up my alley: fresh mozzarella, radish slices, mint leaves, and sage pesto. Their mozzarella is so soft and meshes very nicely with the sage pesto. And the sandwich is under $6! It’s pretty small, but along with a bag of chips it makes for a solid lunch.


4. Tombstone Frozen Pizza: friends, this right here is my ultimate guilty pleasure. There’s absolutely nothing healthy about this perfectly round treat, but god dammit, I will (appropriately) go to my grave eating these. I think it’s partly the nostalgia factor that gets me—I ate Tombstone as a kid. Yesterday I made an original cheese Tombstone for my dinner and  added soy pepperoni slices to it for a little something extra. I do love pepperoni, but let’s be honest, it’s terrible for you. I won’t apologize for my love of Tombstone.


5. Valentine’s Day Card: this cute card arrived in the mail from my mom and dad yesterday. You can never go wrong with putting a cat in a costume! The inside of the card says, “No animals were harmed in the making of this Valentine’s Day card. One cat, however, was made to feel like a complete idiot.” Haha! I feel like the cat is judging me, but I think he or she is actually just really pissed about wearing that silly hat.


Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, everyone (if you’re into that sort of thing)! 😛