I finally received my Sephora VIB sale goodies in the mail yesterday, so now I can post about my haul! Going into the sale, I already had some thoughts about what I wanted to buy, but I strayed somewhat from that list for various reasons.

The Sephora store closest to me is fairly small and doesn’t carry absolutely everything, so I split my haul into two phases. On the first day of the 20% off sale, I went to my local Sephora and bought a few items there…then a couple days later I ordered a few more things online.

One issue with the Sephora VIB sales is that when you order online, it can take a lot longer to receive your order than it normally would. I placed my order on November 13 and my order arrived a full fifteen days later. When you place an online order during the VIB sale, Sephora does warn that it will take longer than usual, but fifteen days feels like a lot. I guess all I’m saying is that if you want to take advantage of the VIB discount but need your products ASAP, get thee to a brick and mortar store! One more thing to note: if you buy in-store, you need to ask the cashier for the VIB sale discount, even if they scan your VIB card at checkout. They seem to have a policy of not applying the discount unless you ask—at least, this seems to be the case at my local store.

Enough about shipping delays…let’s get to the fun stuff! Here are the items I picked up in the store:

And the items I bought online:

The complete list of my VIB haul:

I wanted to get the boscia luminizing charcoal mask in the limited edition pink version, but my store only had the black version. A saleswoman told me that both products have the same formula, so I went ahead and bought the black one even though it looks like I’m doing something horribly racist when I apply it. Majorly cringeworthy appearance aside, the mask is fun to use—you peel it off rather than washing it off, which is a whole new type of mask for me!

The tarte eyeliner comes with a fine, angled brush that is pretty easy to use. I’ve applied this liner a couple of times now and I think with a little more practice I’ll be able to do a decent cat eye with it!

I had a hard time settling on one face makeup product so I decided to buy two. I ended up purchasing two sheer coverage products instead of a true foundation because I don’t love how heavier coverage products look and feel on my skin. I got help picking out colors from a saleswoman, and while the tarte BB cream in Fair looked right on me while I was there (I even looked at it in natural light by the window), I feel like it’s a little light. It’s not awful—I can warm my skin tone back up with a bit of bronzer—but I’m wondering if I might be better off also getting the Light shade and mixing the two.

I tested the First Aid Beauty Skin Tint in the store and liked the color and light consistency, so after some thought I decided to order it online. I like that both this and the tarte BB product have SPF 30!

Of course, I swatched the makeup on my arm so you can see how the products look on my fair skin…that tarte liner is NO JOKE!

Top to bottom: tarte BB Tinted Treatment in Fair, First Air Beauty Skin Tint in Fair, tarte tarteist Clay Paint Liner in Black

All in all, I spent $175.11 during this month’s VIB sale. This haul was a definite splurge for me, but for nine (eleven if you count the fact that one of the sheet masks is a set of three) products from nice brands , I don’t feel like I spent an insane amount of money.

What did you buy during this month’s VIB sale? Did you get a bunch of holiday gifts or buy everything for yourself like I did?  😛