Stocking up on favorites & trying new products

The Sephora Spring Bonus has ended and as of yesterday I’ve received everything I ordered. Because I have Sephora Rouge status I was able to take 15% off for two weekends in a row. SUCH TEMPTATION! I exercised restraint, though, and only placed one order during each bonus period. 🙂

I agonized over edited several iterations of my shopping cart before ordering the items pictured above.

The full list of products I ordered is as follows:

The Dr. Jart+ mask was one of the first things I decided to pick up during the bonus period. These look so weird and fun and I knew I had to try one, but $12 is a lot for a single use mask so this was the perfect time to buy one. Look at the lid on this thing…so creepy and awesome! I can’t wait to test this mask out.

Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening Mask

I was also excited to try a lipstick from the new Natural Nudes line by Too Faced. Birthday Suit looked like the perfect rosy nude so I settled on that shade. How beautiful is this packaging?!

Too Faced Natural Nudes Lipstick in Birthday Suit

When I swatched the lipstick on my arm it looked promising…

Swatch: Too Faced Natural Nudes Lipstick in Birthday Suit

…but unfortunately, this shade turned out to be too light for me. I’m starting to realize that my lips are naturally pretty pigmented, so if I wear a lipstick that’s lighter than my natural lip color it ends up washing me out…especially if I don’t have much other makeup on:

I’m only wearing concealer, brow gel, and the Natural Nudes Lipstick. The lipstick actually looks better in the photo than it does in person.

In addition to the color not looking good on me, the lipstick immediately settled into the fine lines in my lips and accentuated some dry patches (clearly I need to exfoliate more often). I am not impressed, so I’m going to return this product.

I was super excited to find this boscia skin care set in the sale section of Sephora’s website. I’ve really liked all of the brand’s products that I’ve tried so far; this set contains two products I currently use (the peel-off mask and the cleanser) and two I’ve never tried. However, I was a little disappointed to find that the products are all smaller versions of the full-sized products. That’s my own fault for not looking closely enough at the product description on the website, though. DERP.

boscia's Besties Kit

Still, $27.20 for all of these products is a pretty good deal and I can’t wait to try the Tsubaki™ Swirl Two-Part Gel & Cream Deep Hydration Moisturizer and the Charcoal Deep-Pore Exfoliating Peel Gel with Volcanic Sand!

I’ve heard a lot about The Ordinary, a brand that has gained a cult following for its ridiculously affordable, ultra-scientific-sounding skin care products. I recently ran out of my Drunk Elephant C-Firma™ Day Serum, which costs $80 full price, so I decided to try a Vitamin C serum from The Ordinary at literally less than a tenth of the price. The Ordinary was excluded from the spring bonus discount but it really didn’t matter! I haven’t used this product yet, but I can’t wait to see if it actually helps brighten and even my skin tone.

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone

And of course I stocked up on a couple of my tried-and-true products: KVD liquid eyeliner and Supergoop! SPF 50 sunscreen. I’ve repurchased this liner multiple times and will likely continue unless I happen to find something else that makes drawing a cat eye easier. I’ve tried some other sunscreens but keep coming back to my Supergoop!

So that’s it for my Sephora haul! Between my two orders I spent $101.58 including tax, so that’s not too bad. It helped that I couldn’t spend much more than that right now—putting myself on a budget forced me to edit my shopping cart.  🙂

What did you get during the Sephora Spring Bonus? Do you usually stock up on old favorites, try lots of new products, or order a mix of both?