I’m kinda¬†phoning my Friday Five in this week because we’re moving on Monday! I can’t do anything beyond listing out my five new favorite Pok√©mon that have recently been released into the wild. Because I’ve had to run around a lot lately, I’ve already caught 20 of the 80 new¬†Pok√©mon, and I evolved an Eevee into the beautiful new Espeon!

1. Teddiursa: his name is adorable and I love the crescent on his forehead. Apparently he’s categorized as an “uncommon” Pok√©mon but I’ve caught two of them.


2. Murkrow: this is actually the first Gen 2 Pok√©mon that I encountered, but it¬†ran away after just one attempt to catch it. Several others ran away on me before I finally caught this one! Apparently they’re common but hard to catch. I’ve now caught several of them.


3. Aipom: this little purple monkey has a ridiculous grin, hops one one foot, and has a hand on its tail. What’s not to love?


4. Totodile: this dude looks like a T-rex crossed with a crocodile. He reminds me of Squirtle, which is one of my Gen 1 faves.


5. Slugma: I giggled after taking this screen shot, because this Pokémon looks sort of embarrassed, like I walked in on it watching porn or something.