1. BP. Geometric Stud Earrings: tbh, I wanted to support Nordstrom after the shitstorm they stirred up with the president’s family, so I ordered this $19 set of twelve cute pairs of stud earrings. Love them!


2. Bite Beauty The Perfect Pair Amuse Bouche Lipstick Set: I was at Sephora the other day and decided to treat myself to this cute mini nude lipstick duo in Fig (nude rose) and Meringue (peachy nude). The set cost just $15! I will never get tired of admiring an unused lipstick in its tube…


3. Pichu: I hatched my second baby Pokémon this week (my first was an Igglybuff, which is a baby Jigglypuff)! Pichu is a baby Pikachu. Look at those big ears! He’s so cute!


4. Pokémon Go Update: speaking of the app, it just released an update that contains 80 (!!!) new Gen 2 Pokémon for players to catch. Plus, there are two new Eevee evolutions (Umbreon and Espeon, which you can get by renaming your Eevees “Tamao” and “Sakura,” respectively) This release came at just the right time, because I’ve been frustrated with seeing the same old Pokémon day after day. The screen shot below shows that there were six new Pokémon nearby my apartment last night! One of them (top middle and middle left) looks like a spider, which terrifies me, but I kind of just want to run into one, catch it, and get it over with.  😛


5. Sunset in NYC: one of the things I’ll miss when I move to DC? NYC sunsets. Yesterday I had a physical therapy appointment at 5:30pm, and the office is about a half a block from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The sun was starting to set as I headed to my appointment, so I made a quick jaunt over to the promenade to capture a couple pics. I didn’t want to miss that opportunity, especially since we’re moving in TEN DAYS. What a gorgeous view of Governor’s Island, illuminated by all that color!