1. Bullet Journal Stamps: immediately after reading this blog post, I ordered this acrylic stamp set from Amazon, along with a set of ColorBox Cat’s Eye ink¬†pads. I’ve never used stamps like this before and didn’t realize that you really should use them with acrylic stamp mounts, so I also ordered a set of those and they just arrived last night. I cannot wait to have fun with these in my Bullet Journal!*


2. The Cutest Little House in DC: my husband and I were in Washington, DC last weekend and spotted this adorable little colonial while walking around. It was too cute not to share here!


3. Sunset in DC: I also wanted to share this lovely sunset view¬†across the Anacostia River, seen from the Navy Yard. It’s not the best quality pic, but I love the reflection of the blue and white bridge lights in the water.


4. Zicam RapidMelts: while in DC I started to get a sore throat, so I picked up a bottle of these zinc tablets at a nearby CVS.¬†My method of staving¬†off a cold is to start taking zinc as soon as I feel a tickle in my throat. I’ll also drink OJ and lots of water while resting as much as possible. This method has always worked pretty well for me‚ÄĒI’ll usually still get a little sick, but probably not as much as I would if I didn’t stick to this regimen. Zinc¬†lozenges are good too, but I prefer these RapidMelts¬†because they dissolve in your mouth within 30 seconds tops.


5. Temple Turmeric Pure Prana Fire Shot: I also decided to drink one of these turmeric-apple cider vinegar shots in the hope that it would infuse my body with a bunch of sickness-blasting goodness. This little bottle cost $6, so it’s not an everyday kind of drink for me, but as an occasional health booster I don’t mind shelling out the dough. This shot is very acidic and spicy, but I actually like the taste. It’s hard to say if it really helped ward off a full-on cold because I was also doing my usual regimen, but even if it served¬†as a placebo I’d call it worth the money.



*As soon as I opened the package, I removed “church” and the little cross icon and threw them in the trash. Let’s be honest, I’m never gonna use those.