Summer '23 haircut
Haircut, Survivor Gifts, and more

1. Summer Haircut: I needed a haircut pretty badly so I got one earlier this week. Our tenth wedding anniversary and San Diego Comic-Con are around the corner so I wanted a fresh ‘do for our trip. It feels so much better now!

Summer '23 haircut

2. Survivor Turtle Puzzle: John got me a couple Survivor-related birthday presents, a couple of which arrived in time for my birthday. He got me this super cute 3D-printed turtle puzzle from Etsy! It did not arrive assembled and we didn’t get around to putting it together until a couple weeks later, which is why I didn’t include it in my birthday post. But how adorable is this turtle?! The puzzle is tricky enough to do when you’re well fed and hydrated in your own home; I can’t imagine trying to assemble a large version of this out in Fiji while playing Survivor. John got me a mini version of a block puzzle from the show as well!

Survivor turtle puzzle

3. Survivor Hidden Immunity Idol: this birthday gift arrived more recently because it came from an Etsy seller overseas. I randomly noticed this little burlap packet with a twine bow around it sitting on a corner of our bookshelf, and when I asked John about it he said to open it up and see. And it turned out to be this immunity idol! How fun! There might be another one somewhere in our house? I’m not sure. 🙂

Survivor immunity idol

4. Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens: peak bloom for the lotus flowers is imminent, so we made it a point to go see them before heading to San Diego. We went last year right after peak bloom and the flowers were still quite impressive. Here I am holding out my hand so you can get an idea of how large these blooms are. And I do not have small hands!

Kenilworth lotus flowers

5. Great Falls: we did another hike to see the falls recently, and it was enjoyable even though we went on a humid, sweaty morning. The sight is so worth the hike! I love that something like this is within a 30-minute drive from our house.

Great Falls