Pearl poster
Movies, Holiday Decor, and more

1. Pearl: Ti West secretly filmed Pearl along with his horror film X, which I enjoyed. I really liked this film as well! Mia Goth is remarkable as Pearl, demonstrating incredible skill in a one-take, five-plus-minute-long monologue. Her credits rictus is astonishing as well. I’m excited for the third installment in this trilogy, MaXXXine.

Pearl poster

2. Bullet Train: a super fun ultraviolent film from David Leitch, the director of Deadpool 2. It takes skill to turn extreme violence into comedy, and this movie nails it. The cast is fully stacked with fantastic talent that takes you on a literal wild ride (and there are a couple amazing cameos). If tons of violence doesn’t bother you, I recommend this movie.

Bullet Train poster

3. Cupcakes & Cashmere Jewelry Case: I had been wanting to 0rder this for awhile, and finally got one during a recent sale (the blush shade that I got is now sold out). The top compartment flips down and has tabs to secure necklaces. This cute little case will be so perfect for travel!

Cupcakes & Cashmere jewelry case

4. Backlit Metallic Gold Star Silhouette Light: I loved the wall Halloween lights that I got from Target so I figured I’d see if they had anything similar for the holidays. Indeed they do! So I ordered two of these cute stars. They look so cool when lit up at night!

LED Star Wall Light

5. Trader Joe’s 12 Days of Scented Candles: I’m happy I snagged this box the first time I saw it at my TJs, because I think they might be sold out. The box contains twelve mini scented candles, and I’m having fun opening one a day on my Instagram Stories. I’m really pleased with the scents I’ve opened so far (I have five left to open). The box is $29.99, so it’s more expensive than most things you’ll find at TJs. But I’m glad I got one!

Trader Joe's 12 Days of Scented Candles