1. Defend DACA: I know not everyone wants to read about political stuff on a blog that’s rarely about politics, but I can’t go without saying something about the orange dickwad’s call this week to end DACA. 800,000 young people who were brought here illegally by their parents are now at risk of deportation from a country that’s all they’ve known. It’s wrong, pure and simple. Please call your representatives and urge them to support DACA! I used the excellent website 5calls.org, which gives you a script to read and provides the phone numbers for your local representatives.

2. Urban Jungle Terrarium Workshop: last night I attended this workshop, which took place at The Apollo—a luxury apartment building in my neighborhood (it houses my Whole Foods on the ground floor). I purchased a glass container from the Urban Jungle guys for $15 when I arrived; I could have brought my own container but I didn’t have anything decent at home. The team who ran the workshop was super helpful and brought all kinds of fun items to decorate our terrariums: lava rock, pebbles, colorful moss, etc. I packed a lot of stuff into my terrarium, and I really hope I can keep it alive! Fortunately all attendees left with a care sheet to help us out. Thanks, Urban Jungle!

Yes, that is Jigsaw and Billy in the background. What of it?


3. Pumpkin Spice Season Has Arrived: sure, people love to hate on pumpkin spice lovers and call them basic…and I don’t give a fuck. Give me all the pumpkin spice things! I treated myself to a PSL and this pumpkin scone at Starbucks on Wednesday after a podiatrist visit and some errands. YUM.

4. Andalou Naturals Instant Brightening Pumpkin & Honey Face Mask Pod: I guess I’m all about pumpkin stuff right now, because I’ve had this mask for awhile but just yesterday morning decided to slather it on my face. I really hate that it made me look like Trump for 20 minutes—including the white area around the eyes—but I did like how my skin looked afterward.

5. Crispy Taco Lay’s: I guess it’s that time of year again when Lay’s does their Do Us A Flavor contest! I love this time of year. My friend informed me that she had picked up some of these chips at her local supermarket, but when I went to mine I couldn’t find them! So she got me a bag of the Crispy Taco flavor…and they are SO GOOD. They remind me of the taco salad we used to have at lunch in grade school.*  Now I need to get my hands on the other two flavors, which both sound good: Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese, and Fried Green Tomato. I wonder if they’ll ever do a pumpkin spice flavor, hah! I think that’s one pumpkin-flavored item I’d actually avoid.

*Taco salad was one of like three things that I would actually eat at lunch in grade school, the other two being pizza and mac and cheese (duh). I mean…for a kid who never liked meat, dishes like chicken à la king and chipped beef were SO vile!