1. Hive: I’ve been wanting to check out this exhibit at the National Building Museum since it opened, and I finally made it there this week! The installation feels like it was constructed to be Instagrammable, but I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. We also checked out the Asylum exhibit (interesting for someone like myself with a background in psychology) and colored Frank Lloyd Wright designs on the wall with Dry Erase markers. Because the NBM isn’t a Smithsonian museum it’s not free, but the $16 adult ticket price is well worth it!

2. THIS SUNRISE: I happened to wake up at sunrise one morning this week and when I peeked out the window, the colors were so amazing I had to go out on the deck and snap some pics. I can’t wait until that construction crane goes away…

3. Ibiza Mural in NoMa: I strolled through the NoMa development for the first time recently and really loved this mural on the wall of what used to be a nightclub.

4. Laneige Water Pocket Sheet Mask Skin Relief (Soothing): I ordered this sheet mask awhile back when Sephora had just added this k-beauty brand to their store. My skin has been pretty angry this week so I figured it would be a good time to try this mask out. The sheet mask is probably the thinnest I’ve ever experienced thus far, which makes it a little difficult to handle when applying it to your face. And they’re not kidding about “water pocket”—most other sheet masks I’ve used are soaked with more of a serum-like product, while this mask was soaked in a straight up liquid. I think I prefer the serum-y masks a little more, but this one wasn’t bad.

5. Whisked! Pretzel Cowboy Cookies: I consider buying these cookies literally every time I’m at Whole Foods because they display them in the checkout line and they look SO GOOD. They’re a little expensive—$8 or $9 for a pack of six cookies—so I’ve managed to refrain. It was inevitable, though: I finally broke down and bought some, and they sure are delicious! This local bakery also makes several other flavors, including Salty Oatmeal and Molasses. I’m sure I’ll end up trying those as well.  😛