I’ve been eyeing Brit + Co‘s marbled jewelry tray DIY kit for awhile now, and I finally broke down and ordered it last week. The kit is $25, but you can get $10 off your first order from the website by signing up for their newsletter, which I did, obviously.  🙂 So with the $4.99 shipping, this DIY kit only cost me $19.99. They offer a variety of colors; I went with blue.

The kit arrived as a very nicely packaged box with an instruction card:

IMG_4611The kit includes two packs of white Sculpey clay, one pack of colored Sculpey, and a gold paint pen—a very simple project with few materials, but enough to make two trays. This is a super easy and fun project! The instructions are very straightforward:

IMG_4612It’s been a looooooong time since I worked with Sculpey clay, so I didn’t realize that the colored pigment sticks to your hands and doesn’t wash off easily with soap and water. So here’s a tip that the instructions don’t mention: work with the white clay first, then move on to your colored clay—that way your clay-tinted hands won’t bleed off onto the white clay. (I learned this the hard way.)

I broke off pieces of the clay and rolled them into tube-y shapes, then wrapped the blue clay around the white just like I was instructed:

IMG_4620Then I began twisting and kneading the two colors together to get that swirl action going:

IMG_4621Once the two colors were combined into a nice marble-y swirl, I rolled the clay into a ball and then flattened it with the heel of my hand.

IMG_4623I had reserved some of the white clay to serve as the bottoms of the trays, so I rolled that into two balls, flattened those out, and stuck one to the bottom of each Rust Cohle-approved flat circle.

The instructions said to cut the ragged edges of the circles off with a butter knife, but my edges were already smooth so I skipped that step. I pinched the edges of the trays upward to create a bit of a lip, feeling a little bit like I was edging a pie crust. Then it was time to bake these babies! Twenty minutes in the toaster oven at 275°F and the jewelry trays turned all nice and hard (that’s what she said).

After letting the trays cool off, I took the gold paint pen to the edges for a nice polished look. Ready to see the finished product?

IMG_4630I seriously LOVE these! The marbling gives a bit of an agate-like effect.

blue-agateHere are my lovely new jewelry trays in use:

IMG_4627SO cute. I placed the small one on my nightstand, and set the large one on my vanity table. Now I feel like making Sculpey-marbled everything!

If you’re ready to make your own marbled jewelry trays, head on over to the Brit + Co shop to order a DIY Brit Kit for yourself!